Racist Headline at WaPo: “White Trash” — a cultural and political history of an American underclass”

This is what passes for ‘journalism’ at The Washington Post.

WaPo columnist Carlos Lozada, stretched the limits of his liberal intellect on an endeavor to write a review of a book called “White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America” by Nancy Isenbergand, and give his two cents on the subject.

He goes through the litany of descriptions which fit the poor, white, Southern, uneducated,  rural outcasts:

“from whom politicians from Andrew Jackson to Donald Trump have sought to rally, but who otherwise have remained vilified, shunned, targeted and kept apart, both physically — in poorhouses and trailer parks, through eugenic science and discriminatory public policy — and in the nation’s cultural imagination, where they have inspired mockery, kitsch and unceasing grimaces.”

Lozada mentions Isenbergand’s historical references to the way working class European immigrants were relegated to menial labor, the “impoverished white areas of Appalachia”, the portrayals of poor white culture in T.V. sitcoms, i.e. Gomer Pyle, Beverly Hillbillies, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, etc, and then he gets to the point he really wanted to make all along: (emphasis added)

“The irony of the Trump presidential campaign — and I confess, the compulsion to read Trumpian implications into any new book has become irresistible — is that the candidate personifies that very pseudo-aristocracy of wealth that has long shunned the white working class, yet he draws his greatest support from it. And that Trump amassed his fortune as a real estate developer, when land and property for so long have marked the red lines between rich and poor, well, that’s just icing.”

“……Isenberg worries that today we once again are seeing “a large unbalanced electorate that is regularly convinced to vote against its collective self-interest.” Voters are persuaded through fear-filled messages and a false sense of identity, but a certain kind of communicator helps, too. Isenberg tells the 1840 story “The Arkansas Traveler,” in which a politician campaigning for office stops in the backcountry and asks a squatter for refreshment and support. The squatter “had to be wooed for his vote,” Isenberg writes. “He had no patience for a candidate who refused to speak his language.” So the man dismounts his horse, takes the squatter’s fiddle and shows he can play his kind of music. “Once the politician returned to the mansion, however, nothing had changed in the life of the squatter.”

Trump, if nothing else, has shown he knows how to play that fiddle.”

The hatred is deep in this one.

So that’s it. Instead of acknowledging the hardships surrounding the poor white population in America–from the founding of the country to the present—Lozada uses the ‘poor white trash’ meme as an opportunity to smear any (white) person who is drawn to someone who strikes a chord with Americans who are completely fed up with the bullshit and corruption of the Obama regime. The Tea Party got the same treatment from leftwing Proglodytes.

The only people who support the GOP, the Tea Party, and especially Trump, are ‘dirty ignorant redneck hillbilly inbred crackers’.  ‘Ya jus’ gots to git down to the hillbilly’s level and play that fiddle so’s the hillbilly kin understand what yer sayin’.

It’s so much easier to marginalize people who want the country back on the Constitutional track, than it is to address the fact that DemProgs have taken America to a socialist abyss that will take decades to recover from.

Newsflash for Lozada: Tea Party supporters, in particular, tend to be more educated than the average voter.  Kinda blows your liberal thesis to shit.

Fucking racists. Can you imagine the headline: “Nigger”—a cultural and political history”? Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the entire cabal of BLM thugs would burn down the WaPo office building.

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