Racist Mexican Bigot at Texas State University Tells White People: “Your DNA is an abomination”

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The University Star, a Texas State University newspaper has faced huge backlash after going through with an article which was particularly racist. In the piece, the student newspaper calls white people “an abomination.”

The column is called “Your DNA is an abomination,” and in it, senior student Rudy Martinez explained how white people are pushing away and limiting other people, which is why they “shouldn’t exist.” In addition, he mentioned that “whiteness” is a “construct used to perpetuate a system of racist power.”




“Whiteness will be over because we want it to be,” Martinez, a philosophy major, wrote. “And when it dies, there will be millions of cultural zombies aimlessly wandering across a vastly changed landscape.”

“Until then,” he continued, “remember this: I hate you because you shouldn’t exist. You are both the dominant apparatus on the planet and the void in which all other cultures, upon meeting you, die.”

The newspaper’s editor-in-chief, Denise Cervantes, offered his apologies as soon as the column took full effect. However, the editorial was withdrawn immediately after.

On Thursday, the school’s website released a statement in which TSU president Denise Trauth noted she was “deeply troubled” by Martinez’s column:

“I am deeply troubled by the racist opinion column that was published in the November 28, 2017, issue of the University Star titled “Your DNA is an abomination.” The column’s central theme was abhorrent and is contrary to the core values of inclusion and unity that our Bobcat students, faculty, and staff hold dear. As president of a university that celebrates its inclusive culture, I detest racism in any manifestation.

While I appreciate that the Star is a forum for students to freely express their opinions, I expect student editors to exercise good judgment in determining the content that they print. The Star’s editors have apologized for the column and are examining their editorial process.”




The Mexican bigot who wrote that racist tripe and those who allowed it are an abomination.   Every time one of you rancid La Raza social justice warriors spews your bile and death threats on social media or some crappy college paper, my response is always the same: Bring it, mutherfucker. I’m armed and I shoot back.

Oh, and the little radical beaner also posted his adoration for communism:



None of these neo communist pigs have ever lived, experienced, or suffered under real communism.  The Khmer Rouge, Mao’s bloody campaign, the Soviet gulags, and Stalin’s atrocities, are ‘inspirational’.

But hey, communism only killed about 100,000,000 people.  Let’s give it another chance.

Tell you what, Martinez, if you think I give two fucks about your phobia over white people, you can kiss my bare, hyphenated Caucasian ass.



2 thoughts on “Racist Mexican Bigot at Texas State University Tells White People: “Your DNA is an abomination””

  1. Deport his sorry ass!!!! He is an abomination to me. This is what is causing so much division in the country. They dont like it here, we didn’t want them here so send his sorry ass back to Mexico. He and the bitch that wanted to slaughter white baby boys should be put in jail for 1. trying to stir up more hate and hate crimes, 2. taking about murdering white people, 3. writing what should be considered death threats against all white people. Put both of them in a predominately white prison …if you can find one.

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