Radical Black Ex-Jarhead Charged in Murder of Florida Cop

UPDATE: Make that two cops.

Two Kissimmee police officers who were shot while checking on reports of suspicious people Friday night have died, the police department announced on Facebook.

“It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of Sergeant Richard “Sam” Howard. Sam succumbed to his injuries this afternoon.”  His colleague, Officer Matthew Baxter died shortly after the incident.

Everett Miller already faces a charge of first-degree murder for the killing of Officer Baxter and will likely face other charges for the killing of Sgt. Sam Howard, said Kissimmee Police Chief Jeff O’Dell at a news conference Saturday. Kissimmee is located south of the theme park hub of Orlando, Florida.

During a patrol late Friday of a neighborhood with a history of drug activity, Baxter was “checking out” three people, including Miller, when the officer got into a scuffle with Miller. Howard, his sergeant, responded as backup, the police chief said.



From Fox News

A suspect has been arrested and charged in the shooting death of a Florida police officer and serious wounding of another officer late Friday.

Everett Glen Miller, 45, was charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Officer Matthew Baxter, Kissimmee Police Chief Jeff O’Dell said Saturday in a news conference. He could face other charges for the wounding of Sgt. Richard “Sam” Howard.

Howard, who was also shot after a scuffle with Miller, is in critical condition. O’Dell said he does not expect Howard to survive from his injuries.

O’Dell said it does not appear that Miller, a marine veteran, has an extensive criminal history but authorities are still investigating.


This muthafucka is a real piece of work. From his Facebook page:


Looks like he belongs to a black masonic cult.


Posing in uniform with the future leader of the Nation of Islam.


His new into will read like this:

4 thoughts on “Radical Black Ex-Jarhead Charged in Murder of Florida Cop”

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Cult? Many Freemasons started in the military. To have thread, shed, and bread, is a founding principle of America’s foundation. Big background check. Pages and pages of initial membership application. Impeccable credentials. I think the guy got loaded up on daily events and popped a fuse.

      1. I respect your feelings however, I know a bit more than the average person. The secret stuff is to scare the nosy people away. Freemasonry raises more money for charities and does so under a veil of anonymity of members, placing the Good Works under the the Craft Lodge name. The works are done that way to keep members humble. That is also why many religious people have a resentment as they want control of monies raised, and it has always been that way. There are many subdivisions of Freemasonry, including the Shriners, who have the children’s hospital. I am not trying to change anyone’s mind, but there are things that go well beyond the tourist stuff. It is a journey for those seeking the Light. Wisdom the the main key to it all. Freemasonry can make a good man better, but cannot make a bad man good.IN conclusion, what is, Freemasonry, it is, and remains, and will always be, an engine of Achievement.

        1. Brittius,

          That is a matter of opinion. Mine is based on people I’ve known and facts I’ve read from those who left the cult and wrote about their experiences. Secret societies tend to be subversive. What’s scary is the high levels of government occupied by some of these people.

          It’s obvious you’re a mason. My take: I don’t like them, and based on what I know, I never will.

          SFC MAC

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