Radical Leftist Arrested for Detonating a Bomb Outside Alabama’s Republican Attorney General’s Office — Was Also Posting Stickers Promoting Antifa

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A radical leftist from Irondale, Alabama, has been arrested and charged with detonating an explosive device outside the office of Attorney General Steve Marshall (R). The arrest follows a collaborative investigation by the FBI, ATF, ALEA, and the Montgomery Police Department into the incident, which occurred on February 24.

“In the early hours of Saturday, February 24, an explosive device was detonated outside of the Alabama Attorney General’s Office building in Montgomery. Thankfully, no staff or personnel were injured by the explosion. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency will be leading the investigation, and we are urging anyone with information to contact them immediately,” Marshall said in a statement.

As the investigation of the explosive device progressed, officials also began probing into “suspicious” stickers with politically charged messages that had appeared on several state office buildings in the vicinity of the Attorney General’s office. Documents filed in court reveal that some stickers bore the phrase “support your local Antifa,” a term linked with violent extremist ideologies.

The following stickers were identified below:

• An Antifa logo superimposed over a rainbow flag background, with the words, “ANTI-FASCISM IS COMMUNITY SELF-DEFENSE.”

• Construction equipment on fire and several trees in the background, a white star on the left and right of the banner with the words, “IN SOLIDARITY WITH THE WILD.”

• A black and white image of a masked individual wearing a baseball hat and holding a flag which read, “ABOLISH PRIVATE PROPERTY.”

• Two red roses superimposed over the globe with the words, “EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE.”

• An image of a multi-tiered pyramid-like structure with individuals located on each tier, with the words, “TOPPLE ALL HIERARCHIES.”

• The “A” symbol, assessed to represent anarchy, next to an image of an AK-47 rifle, superimposed over a black background with leaves and flowers, with the words, “DEFEND NATURE.”

• A purple-colored sticker with a masked face inside of a female pictogram. The words at the top of the sticker read, “FEMINIST ACTION.”

• A white sticker with spatter font which reads, “EAT THE RICH.” The “A” inside the word “EAT” is in the shape of the anarchy symbol.

• An image of multiple masked and hooded individuals, one carrying a sling, and another wearing goggles. In the center of the sticker, the Antifa symbol is displayed above the words, “SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ANTIFA.”

• A black and blue sticker with white font that reads, “DEATH TO FASCISM.” A small image of a hooded mask is displayed at the top right corner of the sticker.

• A white sticker with black text of an elderly individual holding an AK-47 rifle and the words, “ARM THE HOMELESS.”

• A white sticker with black text featured a masked and hooded individual surrounded by flowers which read, “MY BODY. MY CHOICE.”

• A black and white sticker with the words, “FUCK WORK LET’S RIOT!”

• A black sticker with white digitized font which reads, “NEVER WORK.”

• A black sticker with red and white font with the words, “FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS BECOME COPS.” A red anarchy symbol surrounded by a red heart are in the lower right corner of the sticker.

• A white sticker with black and white font with the words, “ABOLISH ICE.” The letters in the word “ICE” are themed to appear as melting ice cubes.

In-depth analysis of surveillance footage by the FBI was crucial in connecting the dots. The footage showed an individual, clad in a dark jacket, hat, mask, and goggles, distributing stickers at the Alabama State Capitol, and subsequently moving toward the Attorney General’s office before the detonation of the explosive device.

Surveillance footage also led investigators to a silver Toyota Camry, registered to Kyle Calvert, that was spotted via license plate recognition technology in the area.

Calvert’s social media presence further implicated him as he appeared in photographs wearing goggles identical to those of the suspect and showcased the same stickers found at the crime scenes.

Calvert’s own uploaded content, including a video where he discusses his propensity for violence, and the testimony of former employers who recognized his gait, solidified the case against him.

The main stream media totally ignored this story. Didn’t fit the narrative.

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