Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin (Democrat) Convicted of 20 Counts, Including Bribery and Conspiracy

For some reason (ahem) the leftwing media forgot to add his political affiliation.

From Biz Pac Review.

A federal jury found that Ray Nagin abused his office during the 8 years he served as New Orleans Democratic mayor, and found him guilty of 20 of the 21 counts he was indicted on, including bribery and conspiracy.

The jury found that both Nagin and his family’s granite business reaped hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks in exchange for millions of dollars in city contracts…

……Although the Associated Press noted that Nagin was a Democrat, the “big three” network news reports weren’t quite as forthcoming.

Nagin will be sentenced at a later date.


While in charge of New Orleans, Nagin totally screwed the pooch on managing the emergency preparations and the aftermath.  He made a living out of being an offensive paranoid idiot.

The guy who should have been Mayor, Lt. General Russell Honore, was commander of the relief convoy that rolled into New Orleans while Nagin moved his family to Houston to sit out the disaster in comfort.

The verdict couldn’t happen to a better assclown.

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