Reason #5000 as to Why Trump Won: Proglodyte: ‘West Virginians Misled, Don’t Speak English’

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On a night like Thursday, when President Trump was scheduled to headline a rally in West Virginia, you know the hot takes are going to be coming in fast from all directions, but who’ll go the extra distance to really stand out?

Stuart Rothenberg, senior editor at Inside Elections, went all out in sizing up the people of West Virginia, many of whom wouldn’t make it in as immigrants under the Trump administration’s policies, which are in clear violation of that Emma Lazarus poem.

The response to the leftist ‘political analyst’ was swift:


The Dems and their political tools in the media and academia are pretty adept at marginalizing people who don’t fit with their arrogant world view.  The only people who support the GOP, the Tea Party, and especially Trump, are ‘dirty ignorant redneck hillbilly inbred crackers’.

Stereotypes are very unPC unless the target is despised by the Left.  That usually means white working class people. Minorities, on the other hand, are patronized and exploited for their vote.

Rothenberg’s dismissive sneer at poor whites is an excellent example of why Trump was elected and will likely be reelected.



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