Rebel News Reporter Shows Cheap Gas and Groceries in Russia

Looks like the sanctions have had zero effect.

Rebel News 

Rebel News’ Jeremy Loffredo is in Moscow, Russia, where the prices of fuel and food is a hell of a lot cheaper than here in America.


Milk: 89 rubles= $1.41

Bread: 60 rubles= .95 cents

1lb ground beef: 175 rubles= $2.78

Eggs: 99 rubles= $1.47

Mushrooms: 79 rubles= $1.25

Total: 499 rubles = $7.92

Gas: 47 rubles per liter= 2,75 a gallon


The most disgusting aspect of this is that the economy of a former Soviet communist empire is doing better than ours. It’s almost as if the roles have switched.





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