‘Refugee’ Advocates Hesitate to Let ‘Refugees’ Live in Their Homes

It’s all fun and games until you realize you’re not as dedicated to your ideology as you thought. Fuckin’ Islamophobes.

From Young Conservatives

Video prankster Joey Salads wanted to find out what would happen if he approached leftists protesting President Donald Trump’s travel ban and asked them to take in some refugees.

So he went to Los Angeles International Airport, posing as a leftist with a “Feel The Bern” T-shirt and hipster glasses.

He asked them would they be able to donate or help by taking someone into their homes?

As he asks each one, they each have an excuse as to why they can’t help.

From “I live with a Trump supporter” to “I have no space,” no one is willing to put up, to match what they say they believe.

They’re willing for you to have to pony up money or take refugees into your town, just not their own home.

The best one was “I live with a woman” and she wouldn’t feel comfortable.

But they’re more than willing to dump them into our streets.

There are valid reasons to stop muzzie ‘immigration’.    Off hand, I can think of 2996.

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