Rep. McClintock Blasts Calderon, Dems

Mexican president Felipe Calderon appeared on the floor of the U.S. Congress (at the personal invitation of the Democrats, no doubt) and took the opportunity to bash America.  He took umbrage with the audacious idea that our country is sovereign, our borders should be secure, and our laws should be enforced.  This is just the latest auslander to be feted with a center stage forum to insult the United States.  The Democrats, who have anti-American chromosomes in their DNA, gave the little bastard the ovation they always reserve for such occasions.

In response, Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) took to the floor of the Congress and leveled both barrels at Mexico, illegal aliens, and the Dem Left retards who refuse to enforce our immigration laws.


Felipe Calderon’s predecessor, Vincente Fox, also bitched about our laws. He didn’t care much for American outrage over lax ICE enforcement, lack of border security, and our insistence that immigrants actually become responsible citizens. The majority of illegal aliens are Mexican, so the “racial profiling” shit is moot. Secondly, that south-of-the-border blood sucker won’t mention the disparity between our laws and theirs, because he knows it’s easier to simply dump his problems—both economic and criminal—into our country. With B. Hussein in the White House and Dem crapweasels in the legislative majority, we can expect to endure more disgusting tripe from foreign country assclowns until November of this year and 2012, respectively.

It cannot come soon enough.

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