Report: Federal Agents Have ‘Sufficient Evidence’ to Charge Hunter Biden with Felonies

Daily Mail

Federal agents who have been conducting a long-running probe of the president’s son Hunter Biden believe they have ‘sufficient evidence’ to charge him with tax fraud and making a false statement on a gun permit, according to a bombshell report in the Washington Post.

Federal prosecutors have made no decision on charging Hunter Biden with a crime, and his lawyer blasted what he called a DOJ ‘leak,’ demanding an investigation of anyone who put out the information.

Hunter paid an outstanding tax liability back in 2020 and acknowledged a probe into what he called his ‘tax affairs.’

The investigation was sparked by his business dealings with foreign countries while father Joe was vice president, and the charges could include failure to pay income tax, money laundering and failure to meet reporting requirements of U.S. tax laws.

The case is being overseen by a U.S. attorney in Delaware. Biden and AG Merrick Garland have repeatedly said they would leave the case to career prosecutors. The paper cited anonymous people familiar with the case.

The gun purchase matter relates to standard paperwork for purchasing a weapon. On the form Hunter denied using unlawful drugs or being addicted to drugs.

He has disclosed in his own memoir that he was addicted to crack cocaine and has struggled with drug and alcohol use.

Images found on his infamous laptop, which emerged weeks before Election Day 2020 and which experts who analyzed data have told is authentic, contain images appearing to show crack cocaine use.

Emails traced to the laptop also point to an array of business activities in China and other locations. He also secured a lucrative board position with a Ukrainian energy firm, and did business in Kazakhstan and other far-flung locales.

The gun matter is of the type that prosecutors sometimes charge and sometimes overlook. But according to DOJ figures cited by the Post, there were 478 referrals for lying on firearms forms the year of Hunter Biden’s purchase, with charges filed in 298 cases.

The crime carries a fine $250,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison.


……Hunter is reportedly under investigation for tax fraud, money laundering, and gun and foreign lobbying violations. Hunter has reportedly tried to settle the case out of court and has paid $1 million to the IRS to evade conviction or a long sentence.

President Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland has refused to say whether a special counsel should be placed over the investigation to maintain a just probe. A special counsel would provide distance from Joe Biden and the investigation into Hunter and the Biden family business dealings.


The Biden Crime Syndicate used foreign deals and connections with Ukraine and China to enrich themselves. They laundered money, committed tax evasion, and violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The level of corruption involved with their China/Ukraine deals is off the charts. Joe Biden is ass deep in this corruption.  Hunter was operating as a bagman for the ‘Big Guy’, collecting and funneling money to his father.
The Bidens committed treasonous acts for money.
The evidence collected from Hunter Biden’s laptop is more than enough to indict and convict Joe, Hunter, and most of the immediate family.

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