Reporter From The Federalist Confronts Acosta Over His Refusal to Cover Cuomo’s Scandals

David Marcus is the New York Correspondent for the Federalist and he was all over Acosta like stink on shit.

The Hill

Former CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta got entangled in a confrontation with a reporter for The Federalist at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday over his network’s coverage of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D).

Acosta was in the middle of an interview at CPAC when David Marcus, the New York correspondent for the Federalist, interrupted, asking repeatedly why CNN wasn’t reporting on the sexual abuse allegations Cuomo faces or his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Hey, Jim. I’m David Marcus from The Federalist. When are you guys going to start covering Cuomo?” Marcus said in the video, which The Federalist later posted to Twitter.

“We do,” Acosta said before asking if he could finish what he was doing before engaging with Marcus.

Marcus continued to interrupt Acosta to ask about Cuomo in the video posted on Twitter.



Two decades before being accused of misconduct against women while he was New York governor, a younger Andrew Cuomo was the subject of a sexual harassment complaint from a government official who claimed that Cuomo — serving at the time in Bill Clinton’s cabinet — also hounded her with “a series of attacks and dirty tricks.”

Susan Gaffney filed the 2000 complaint against Cuomo while he was secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development and she was the department’s inspector general.

In the complaint, which included other top HUD officials, Gaffney told the Office of Departmental Equal Employment Opportunity that she was sexually harassed and discriminated against in retaliation for her stance against fraud at HUD, and that Cuomo verbally abused her during weekend phone calls.

……When Cuomo took the top slot at HUD, Gaffney said, her OIG continued to operate with the independence granted to inspectors general throughout the government — and continued to clash with Cuomo.

“Not surprisingly, given the depth and pervasiveness of management problems at HUD, we have expressed reservations about the Secretary’s ability to transform HUD in a radical manner and under the abbreviated timetable he has adopted,” Gaffney testified. “The Secretary has characterized this as biased reporting and naysaying. His impatience with the independence of the OIG has led to a truly extraordinary series of events.”

According to Gaffney, the events began when Cuomo said his office had received an anonymous letter alleging that Gaffney targeted Native Americans, Latinos, and African-Americans, and that OIG operations “were riddled with abuse.”

These and other accusations were leaked anonymously to the Washington Post, Gaffney told senators, adding that she approached Cuomo over concerns that members of his staff had leaked the material.

“He explained to me that his key aides saw me as the ’embodiment of evil,’ and there was nothing he could do about that,” Gaffney testified.

……Elsewhere, she described talking to Cuomo about an anti-fraud initiative her office planned to launch in select American cities. Three cities that met the criteria for investigation had black mayors. Gaffney discussed with Cuomo whether investigating black-led cities would create a possible “perception problem,” she testified, noting that Cuomo told her to pursue the inquiries.

After Gaffney launched the investigations, she said, Cuomo vilified her actions in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, telling the newspaper that cities with black Democrat mayors were unfairly targeted, and that the OIG actions were “either illegal or unethical,” and should not be tolerated.

Gaffney told senators that Cuomo’s HUD later offered to settle a discrimination complaint against her in return for her resignation.

The conflict intensified in 2000, when Gaffney filed the harassment and discrimination charge. In the complaint, she alleged that Cuomo would call her at home on Saturday mornings to criticize her work, and that “baseless” damaging allegations were made about her.


Cuomo is a vindictive douchebag who doesn’t like having his unwanted sexual advances rejected. His political policies are saturated with the same kind of tactics.

CNN and the rest of the leftwing networks (NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC)  have had ZERO coverage of Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home disaster and the sexual assault allegations against him.

This is par for the course since there’s one set of rules for Dems and another set of rules for everyone else.

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