Republicans Concerned Over Holder’s ‘Possible’ Perjury

Possible perjury?

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday expressing “great concern” about the possibility that Holder lied under oath during his testimony earlier this month on the Justice Department’s seizing of journalists’ records, CBS News has learned.

On May 15, Holder told the committee he wasn’t involved in “the potential prosecution” of a member of the press under the Espionage Act for disclosing classified information. “This is not something I’ve ever been involved in, heard of, or would think would be wise policy,” he said.

Shortly thereafter, reports began to surface that the Justice Department, in addition to seizing telephone and email records of Associated Press reporters, had seized the the emails and phone records of Fox News correspondent James Rosen. While Holder had recused himself from the AP proceedings, the Washington Post reported that the attorney general had personally signed off on the search warrant for Rosen’s records.

In the search warrant, the FBI called Rosen a “criminal co-conspirator” and suggested there’s probable cause that he violated federal law. Rosen was not charged with any crime.

The douchebag lied his ass off.

We’ll see just how concerned they really are. Start prosecution and impeachment proceedings.

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  1. Yeah, just like they got to the bottom of Fast & Furious. We don’t hear about that anymore, do we? Just another of a growing list of scandals swept under the carpet. The justice dept. is totally corrupt. I will be very much surprised if we do see justice.

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