“Restorative Justice” Liberal Killed by the Hoods She Pitied

This is finally a case of someone paying the tab for their idiotic SJW positions.

Poetic justice at its finest.


From Greg Gutfeld

……first we’re going to talk about crime. And a really bad one, specifically involving Jen Angel. She’s the progressive owner of Angel Cakes, a bakery in Oakland, California. She was savagely murdered this week, robbed by two thieves who smashed her car window, ran off with her purse. She chased after the duo’s car but got caught in the car door, dragged to her death. Terrible, terrible story.

It kind of gets worse because her family and her friends are urging the police not to jail her killers. Yeah, because they claim it would not align with her belief in something called restorative justice. And also because they’re idiots. Her murderers are still on the loose, but rather than call for their capture, her friends urged the city to promise not to make her killers serve hard time. Which is kind of what you do if someone you hated died.

But this is restorative justice, a lying phrase that restores nothing and offers no justice at all to anybody. It’s a strategy to keep thugs out of jail by claiming someone in the past got a raw deal. So you transfer past justice to this current creep, even if he’s guilty as sin. Using this reasoning or lack of reasoning, you could never mete out justice on any brutal crime ever. Just say, “People were treated badly in the past, so let this poor soul go.”

They claim that imprisoning her aggressors would prevent actual healing. Well, you want healing? Put on Marvin Gaye. Actually, locking them up for a long time would promote healing, a lot of it, by keeping the perpetrators’ next victims away from harm. And by the way, you think Angel’s friends might be open to having the perpetrators come live with them indefinitely? How restorative will they feel when everything they own is suddenly being sold on Craigslist, including their kids? Still, they say locking them up would only perpetuate harm. But they don’t say to whom because it’s murderers. Perps who get away with murder won’t think, “You know., wow, that was so nice they didn’t lock me up. I won’t murder people anymore.” No. The experience incentivizes them to kill again, to accrue more victims.

Which is the problem with the entire system that’s abdicated their responsibility in protecting innocent from evil. Today, ideology trumps safety and creates a parade of victims, but also a parade of idiots like 1619 project author Nikole Hannah-Jones, who complained about drugstores locking up merchandise in a tweet on Tuesday. So what is 1619, you ask? Well, it’s the number of stupid things this broad says a day. She said, quote, “If you’re going to lock up everything in the drugstore, an already demeaning shopping experience” – apparently it’s demeaning to go to a drugstore – “at least have enough workers to open up the cases for all the customers who just need a razor.” She told us too much. I get it. We all need a razor now and again. She ends it with, “It’s just a terrible shopping experience.”

Oh, poor millionaire grifter. Maybe they can’t afford more workers because their stuff keeps getting stolen thanks to the legalization of organized looting, something you, clown, justified. Imagine if you were beaten to death in a riot. Nikole Hannah-Jones would probably complain about having to walk around the crime scene. Fact is, a rise in crime and shoplifting cases have forced stores to lock up merch and even shut down stores due to loss of revenue. And its types like Hannah-Jones, who deny this was a problem. So now we’re locking up deodorant instead of the people stealing the deodorant. And it’s on this bozo.

……But about those things, what if they’re taken from people and the people they’re taken from try to get them back? Which is what Angel did with her purse. It begs the question, why did she chase them at all? I mean, let them have your money. Let them have your purse. According to her friends and family, it’s exactly what she would have wanted. The restorative justice activists would say that it’s on her for putting value on her things, which is why they also deserve to be locked up……


This is reminiscent of the braindead Baltimore mayor who said the Ferguson rioters “needed space to destroy”.

Dem-controlled cities make a habit out of releasing felons out of custody without bail and refusing to prosecute. 

Little Ms. “Restorative Justice” didn’t think much about her ideology when she chased down the thugs to get her purse back.  “Restorative justice” took a back seat to the reality of being a victim of the malfeasants she championed.

Looks like liberal stupidity runs in the family.

Sucks to be her.


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