Retired Police Captain Shot by Looters While Trying to Protect Store

Another murder on their resume.

Fox2 St. Louis

For 38 years, Dave Dorn worked to protect and serve the public as a police officer, rising to the rank of captain in the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

Dorn was shot and killed by a looter overnight while working as a security guard at Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry on Martin Luther King Drive. He was 77.

“He was exercising his law enforcement training,” said St. Louis Police Chief John Hayden. “So, in his honor, we are wearing our mourning badge.”

After retiring from the St. Louis department in 2007, Dorn became the chief of police in Moline Acres.

No matter where Dave Dorn worked, people loved him. Retired St. Louis police Officer David Ellison said Dorn helped him out of poverty and into a life in law enforcement.

“Dave Dorn was a great man. He was fair; the sharpest, cleanest guy,” Ellison said. “He came out of the car; his presence was well-known and observed. He meant business when it was time for business.”

Chief Hayden said investigators have made no arrests and have not identified a suspect.

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