Rich Black American Actor Complains About ‘Racism’

Foxx is racist. Who knew?  He’s really not a serial killer who “gets to kill all the white people” but he plays one in a movie.
Once again, a Hollywood punk with darker skin than us “white folk” proves that racist stupidly doesn’t come in just one color.

Jamie Foxx has revealed that he finds himself facing racial challenges in everyday situations of his life.

The…actor explained during an interview with Vibe magazine that he is always sensitive about his skin colour.

Jamie, 45, admitted that ‘Every single thing in my life is built around race’.

He told Vibe magazine: ‘Cause as black folks we’re always sensitive. As a black person it’s always racial.

Super stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington and Jamie spoke to Vibe magazine

‘I come into this place to do a photo shoot and they got Ritz crackers and cheese.

‘I’ll be like, ain’t this a bitch. Y’all didn’t know black people was coming.’

In the same vein he explained that if he turned up to the photo shoot and there was fried chicken and watermelon, he would also be annoyed at the stereotype.

Jamie also admitted that he feels that he must act and talk in a certain way around white people and in his day-to-day job as an actor.

He told the magazine: ‘But the minute I leave my house, I gotta put my other jacket on and say, ‘Hey, Thomas, Julian and Greg.’ And I gotta be a certain person.

‘But when I get home my other homies are like how was your day? Well, I only had to be white for at least eight hours today, [or] I only had to be white for four hours.’

And, of course, it’s another violent Tarantino film with lots of blood, guts, the word “nigger” being flung like a manure spreader, and the stereotypical white plantation owner, to boot.

Hey guess what Foxx, as a female Irish, Scots, German, Cherokee, retired Army Sergeant First Class, it’s all about being fed up with stupid mutherfuckers like you who have nothing better to do than piss and moan about race from a position of privilege.

Apparently, one of the biggest challenges for Foxx is switching from Ebonics to proper English (i.e. “acting white”) when he gets around us honkies.

Race gets the blame for everything from poverty to bad behavior.  “Building your life around race” instead of taking personal responsibility for your actions is indicative of an intellectually and morally bankrupt slug.

Fuck you, Foxx.   And kiss my bare white ass.

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