‘Rocket Man’ Kim Jong Un Accidentally Crashed Missile Into North Korean Town

Oops. Too bad it didn’t land on the Pyongyang Pig’s house.

Via Fox News

An intermediate-range missile launched by North Korea last April crashed into a town near Pyongyang, possibly causing an explosion and casualties, The Diplomat reported on Wednesday.

The IRBM was launched April 28, 2017 near Pukchang Airfield in South Pyongan Province and was the third in a series of failed launches that month, the report said.

The missile crashed into the city of Tokchun after one minute of powered flight, the report said. The explosion caused “considerable damage to a complex of industrial or agricultural buildings,” the report said, citing a U.S. government source with knowledge of the program.

The secretive regime makes it nearly impossible to determine the extent of damages. The online magazine theorized that if the missile hit a populated city, the result could have been catastrophic.

North Korea successfully launched its first flight-test of the IRBM on May 14, 2017, using a splashdown location.

North Korea, caused alarm when they test-launched missiles over Japanese territory in August and September. The missiles eventually splashed down in the northern Pacific Ocean outside Japanese territory.

North Korea has repeatedly launched missile tests in defiance of U.N. sanctions throughout 2017. When the missiles are launched, they are not accompanied with any formal warning or notice, leaving neighboring countries and the United States left to interpret Pyongyang’s intentions.

It is assumed that there are many more unknown facilities that exist throughout North Korea, making the prospect of a first strike that leaves Pyongyang unable to retaliate, more difficult than ever.


The little fucker is this close to pulling a stunt that will get his fat ass fried, along with most of North Korea.  Obama’s typical approach to despots like Kim Jong Un was flaccid to say the least.  Trump doesn’t play that shit.

BTW: Obama’s dicked up foreign policy involved some of the most convoluted, pusillanimous, retarded ideas on record.  He gutted our missile defense programs because he thought that any position of strength would somehow cause our enemies to think we would strike first, thus giving the enemy an incentive for a first strike from abroad.
What it actually does, is encourage hostile countries to build up their weapons without fear of retribution.

We finally have a leader who will call Kim Jong-Un’s bluff and tell him to leap if he’s feelin’ froggy. Even North Korea’s puppet master China, told North Korea they had better take Trump seriously.

While the rest of North Korea starves, the latest in the succession of gargoyles in Pyongyang lives high on the hog, props up his military, and feeds a line of shit to the population that Dear Leader stands up to the big bad round eyes in America.

The ones with the most to worry about initially, are South Korea and Japan. North Korea would never be able to sustain a war on its own without help from China and the communist militant shitbags in Beijing are very likely to tell North Korea, ‘you started this shit, you’re on your own, comrade’.   If North Korea should attack, I foresee the United States quickly lobbing a few well-placed nuclear warheads, in order to avoid the prolonged ‘conventional’ war, which would require the deployment of thousands of troops, logistics and weapons not seen since WWII.

Douglas MacArthur was right.

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