Roger Ebert Dies at 70 From Cancer and His Own Malevolence, But Mostly Cancer

Dead at 70.

Fuck Roger Ebert. He stopped being a credible movie critic years ago. He was a bilious crank who vented his spleen with epithets and venomous comments toward people he didn’t like—mostly people who spoke out against leftwing malfeasance.

Just a few samples of his incomparable vitriol:

Calling Tea Party patriots “teabaggers”.

Comparing Arizona’s enforcement of immigration laws to the Holocaust.

Joking about Rush Limbaugh’s hospital stay for a heart condition.

Disrespecting high school students who wore American flag T-shirts.

Making the asinine comment that the Second Amendment was ratified to “preserve slavery”.

Calling Sarah Palin “Hitler” and insulting Americans who oppose the construction of the Ground Zero mosque by radical muslim zealots.
Here’s a summary of Ebert’s miserable existence:

Good riddance.

8 thoughts on “Roger Ebert Dies at 70 From Cancer and His Own Malevolence, But Mostly Cancer”

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  2. What Christopher Hitchens said about Jerry Falwell could be applied to Roger Ebert. ” “If you gave [Roger] Ebert an enema he could be buried in a matchbox.”

    1. Melissa,
      Do you apply the same attitude toward people you don’t like? I will not be a hypocrite. If I don’t like you while you’re breathing I won’t say anything good about you when you die. Ebert was a puss-filled crank with an axe to grind against anyone who didn’t share his leftwingnut viewpoints. Okay, fine. But you shouldn’t have expected anything less than quid pro quo.

      SFC MAC

  3. Oh, you are soooo far out on a limb. Unless you don’t understand how to judge expertise at all, you judge a movie critic by the quality of their reviews. Ebert was one of the best writers in his main genre who ever lived, the first movie critic to win a Pulitzer, a writer who taught a huge portion of the public how to look at films more intelligently. His political or personal misstatements are about as relevant as John Boehner’s opinion on what movies I should watch.

    1. Invisible Mikey,

      Once you cross the line from movie critic to political pundit, you should expect reciprocity; especially when you’re as belligerent as Ebert. You can’t have it both ways. As far as I’m concerned, his opinions on films weren’t relevant enough to matter anyway. He plunged head first into political debate with some pretty raunchy comments about Republicans, Tea Party supporters, and conservatives. He got the response he deserved.

      SFC MAC

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