Rush Limbaugh on the Drive-by Media Stupidity Over Hillary’s Defeat

From his site:

But did you notice the real point of this, you listen to this guy, listen to what he thinks is the reason Hillary lost. “The biggest issue in the 2016 election was whether Hillary Clinton used the wrong email.” Do you realize how out of touch these people are? And I want to stress, again, that I think in this case these people are really out of touch.

They don’t think Hillary Clinton trafficking in classified data on an unsecured personal email account is a problem at all. They think we’re just making it up, we’re making a mountain out of a molehill. Okay, so she used a what? Wrong email. She didn’t use a wrong email address. She used the exact email address that she intended.

She was conducting nefarious business that she didn’t want recorded on government networks! She was selling access to her future presidency via donations to the Clinton Foundation! And she didn’t want that on the email domain. She didn’t want any records of that. That’s why there was a private server in her basement.

These clowns do not even know what the 2016 election was about? They think it was about Hillary Clinton’s emails and they think that we tried to make a mountain out of a molehill because she was using the wrong email address, nothing about the fact she was unqualified, had no business being president, dishonest, selling access. And now we know that it was Hillary Clinton who bought and paid for the Steele dossier, and that’s responsible for a two-year period of hell for this country on a series of lies.

And they think that we’re bent out of shape because Hillary Clinton was using the wrong email address, that that’s why Donald Trump got elected? Proof positive again, they haven’t even taken the time to understand who Trump’s voters are, where they are, and why they voted for Trump. You know, you go back and forth.

I mean, you think these people, because they’re journalists, they’ve been educated, you think they’re intelligent and smart and informed. But evidence keeps piling up that they’re really not informed! I don’t know about their brains, but they’re just not informed.

Talk about people that live in a bubble and do not subject themselves to anything outside what they think, they accuse us of that? I know more about what they think than they do. I know more about why they think what they do. I know more that they know than they don’t know.

They’re the ones with closed minds. They’re the ones that are not curious. And they are journalists. I mean, we create controversy out of anything? Like Hillary using a private illegal server, like the Drive-Bys’ Russia collusion conspiracy theory, we just make this stuff up? If it’s just a matter of Hillary using the wrong email, why did Hillary obstruct justice by destroying her emails in the face of a subpoena? If it was just the wrong e-mail address, why did she destroy 30,000 emails?


As for Hillary, the unhinged drunken shrew and Obama blamed RussiaWikileaks, misogyny, white women, and Fox News for her defeat. The truth is that Hillary’s  corruption and the flood of leaked emails, which showcased the vulgar bigotry and dismissive arrogance of Podesta, the DNC, Hillary, Hillary’s aides, and the lapdog media, were the catalyst that convinced even undecided voters to reject her.

Trump appeals to Americans who are fed up with the DemProgs’ malfeasance and leftward surge.

When they lose again in 2020 they can blame themselves.



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  1. People learn from their failures and mistakes, but many leftists have not accepted the 2016 election result enough to question their side. They feel so morally superior that blame lies anywhere but within their own ranks and actions. Until they (the extreme left with TDS as a group) are willing to consider that something is broken and needs an overhaul on their platform, they will merely blame the opposition and the world.

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