Sarah Hoyt on the Covidiocy and Mask Scam

From According to Hoyt

First, and because I didn’t promise not to do this: I TOLD YOU SOI TOLD YOU SO, I F*CKING TOLD YOU SO.

For everyone who came here to lecture me, that the China Coff was going to depopulate the world, and I was being irresponsible for saying it was like the flu with a lot of stupid number games added; for every one who flounced because I told them the masks were a f*cking stupid idea that did nothing (including, yes, the gentleman who knew that masks would work against a VIRUS because when he was six someone made him put on a mask to go see his dying father); for everyone who mask-Karened with “just put on the mask”; for every raging asshole (including Sprouts grocery store manager) who told me that if I had a mask issue, I could get delivery, making asthma a crime worthy of house arrest; for every insane, stupid governor — Polis might be the dumbest of the lot — who made us wear masks outside, thereby making escape to the zoo or the botanic gardens impossible; to the f*cking airlines whose f*cking stupid rules made it impossible for me to be at my dad’s 90th birthday.

Come closer so I can whisper in your ear: I TOLD YOU SO. After which I’m going to knee you in the groin so hard you’ll taste next Wednesday. Yes, even if you’re a woman.

So, yes, I KNEW from the beginning, and I was suicidally depressed that no one else seemed to see it.

Honestly? I still don’t understand why they couldn’t. The numbers from the Diamond Princess were clear enough, but more than that, the fact that our medical supervisory institutions announced they wouldn’t audit cases of Covid-19, meaning there was no penalty for inflating the numbers, which hospitals were being given extra money for; and the “must not question” policies of the social media and news media made it obvious what was happening: it’s a scam

The fact that we jumped from this to an utterly radical program for containing the disease, only the program — like masks — made absolutely no sense.

Understand now and forever that quarantines and lockdowns have been used in the past. But they’ve been used for severely affected, afflicted people and areas. You don’t quarantine the healthy you quarantine the sick.

I’m not in the mood nor do I have the time to teach you virology, which I only know at the yeoman level, and only because I write books of biological-based SF, but sweet dancing penguins on crack, people! “Asymptomatic transmission” IS NOT A THING. Rationally it couldn’t be a thing.

My brief explanation will be somewhat false, because I can’t explain it without taking the day to verify figures and give you precise facts. I don’t have time for that, so let’s do the high level and mostly wrong, but still a thing quicky explanation:

You see, virus work on load. You’re infected with some virus right now. Tons of them, probably. Here’s the thing, you don’t develop symptoms and it’s not a thing until it reaches a certain amount of viral load. You can be sort of kind of asymptomatic, like the (often) low slow descent into flu, where you feel not quite the thing, till suddenly it crashes on you. And yeah, it’s possible you spread the virus when you’re in “I don’t feel quite right” but I don’t know how “effective” you are. Why? Because it takes a certain amount of viral load. Unless you’re actually in a conference room or at dinner with three people who feel like that, and all are shedding virus. Or unless, of course, you share spittle with someone in that stage.

But for this one bout of panic porn, things that have been known for centuries were denied. Like the fact that viruses are small enough to be suspended in air BUT not coherent enough after a few seconds. A couple of minutes at most. And again, viral load will be too small.

There were and still are — the justification for masking outside — people utterly convinced that if they walk the path that someone infected but asymptomatic traveled, they’re going to catch it, because the virus hangs suspended mid-air ready to jump you.

All of this is bullshit. All of this is bullshit that has never been used to make people afraid of any other illness ever.

At the same time somehow the media, the panic, the insanity, was all in the holy name of convincing people this was the most lethal thing ever. (As we know from Fauci’s emails.) Oh, and crashing the economy. And being able to steal the election. (Thank you, Americans. Even with all that shit, all the crazy bullshit, you voted for Trump in such numbers these assholes needed to fraud openly, in the light of day, in the most clumsy way possible.)

ALL OF IT was a political coup; a way to take down a successful president and install a China stooge. ALL OF IT.

The side effects of this are horrific: we have unemployed people (and hey, suck what I don’t have if you’re going to tell me that it’s just because people don’t want to work because: a) many people still can’t work since the schools STILL aren’t meeting in person (Someone has to stay home with the kids. In most states it’s illegal to leave them alone till 14 or so). b)many people saw their businesses and efforts melt down and are now not disposed to try again. c) A VAST number of people, either retiring or just entering the work force, are looking at the taxes coming down the pike, and the “open the borders, give illegals everything, make Americans pay” and choosing NOT to work. Which is rational, unless you’re driven by internal forces.) We have people who missed their cancer diagnosis and are now dying. We have people who died of other illnesses, because going to the hospital wasn’t a thing. We have hospitals closing because they can’t keep their heads above water after this. Oh, restaurants and stores too, but hospitals inevitably are closing in the most underserved communities. We have elderly who lived their last few months in isolation and pain and misery. We have elderly who started developing cognitive problems after being isolated for over a year. We have teens committing suicide. We have food wasted in big honking batches because restaurants were closed. We have planting done weirdly because no one knew if that sh*t would continue this year.

And that’s in the United States. In the poorer countries of the world, this bullshit unleashed actual famine. There were communities doing okay who are now on the verge of starvation. And it will get worse, with the Chinese Puppet Junta in control, because when the US coughs, the world catches pneumonia. We are THE consumer of the world. We are also the most productive food grower per acre.

All this in the name of what? So a senescent kakistocracy could keep power and keep their crimes from being uncovered?

Sure, in China, but in the US too. If you’re one of the idiots who never looked into Hunter’s Laptop or what is really going on with Clinton’s foundation, or any of that shit, it’s time to look now. You have been EGREGIOUSLY lied to and abused for a year and a half. Are you going to believe them when they say this other stuff isn’t a thing? WHY?

The left (and a lot of the right) elite are the most corrupt and incompetent buffoons since late Roman decadence. It’s probably inevitable when you have vast resources, a concentration of power, and a fawning news media/public opinion.

Everything about them, from their family lives to their business doings to their public and private behavior, when poked at exudes a stench that tells you their bios are like a demon’s resume. It’s filth layered on filth and given a veneer of normalcy that wouldn’t fool anyone who looked at it more than two seconds.

BUT they keep a tight lid on it, and call you names if you try to look at it, and tell you they do what they do because they CARE so much.

Go read the paragraph of what they did when they were trying to get back into power and locked you, scared you and tormented you as a side effect.




And you’re going to believe them on anything else in the future? You — forbid the thought — want to “dismantle capitalism” by giving government powers of redistribution, powers of life and death over EVERYONE?

You’re going to believe a single word they say EVER AGAIN?

You’re going to scream and run at the next “plague” they announce to control you? (And no, I’m not afraid this was a cunning psychological maneuver. I UNDERSTAND the paranoia, but if the Chinese COULD create a virus to kill everyone else, they’d already have done it. They haven’t.)

You’re going to surrender your liberties to these “benevolent” overlords again?

Or are you going to fight tooth and nail to make sure no one else, ever AGAIN has the power to do this to a single nation, let alone the world?

I urge you very strongly to look at the members of the Junta and their helpers, and visualize the real people behind the masks. Visualize people who destroy a country and the world for the sake of more power over everyone, and to keep their misdeeds from coming out.

I URGE you to contemplate that they’d rather reign in hell than serve in heaven.

And then, if you ever again believe any of the media-ginned-up hysterias without checking facts or using your brain, be aware that next time the “I told you so” will have teeth. That knee to the groin will go all the way up. Oh, not administered by me, but by those younger and with more to lose who will be absolutely tired of this shit.

And what comes after might not be civilization as we know it.

Nailed it.

This country was shut down over a virus with a 99% recovery rate. The people at greatest risk were those with pre-existing medical conditions and the elderly.  Healthy people with good immune systems who caught the virus regained their health after a week or two. Like yours truly.  The draconian lockdowns were devastating. 26 million Americans became unemployed.  People lost their jobs, homes, livelihoods, and businesses because of this induced panic. The economic impact will take years to overcome.

It was never about public health and safety; it’s about power and control.  Scientists and physicians who knew the virus was a politicized, fear-based narrative were censored from social media.

The government will never forget how easy it was to take control of your life; to control every event, restaurant, sports facility, classroom, church, and even if you are allowed to leave your house.

Remember that the next time the government manufactures a crisis.


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