School Teacher Threatened With Fine for Violating Mooshelle Obama’s School Snack Rules

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Hat tip to Tonka Informer.

Students and parents are rallying to the defense of a teacher who is accused of violating federal school snack rules.

The Williamson PreK-8 teacher, who was not identified, would give her students “wrapped candy” as a reward for their hard work and good behavior.

Because the practice was an alleged violation of the federal rules championed by first lady Michelle Obama, Mingo County Schools Director of Child Nutrition Kay Maynard “placed a call to officials at the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) to report the incident,” the Williamson Daily News reports.

Maynard also spoke to Williamson PreK-8 principal Shannon Blackburn, telling him about the possibility of a monetary fine for the teacher.

……Administrators at the WVDE decided the teacher’s violation was not a “deliberate attempt” to break Michelle Obama’s rules and said instead of fining the teacher, they required the department to “develop a corrective action plan to include training on child nutrition policies.”

She’ll be sent to a re-education camp until she tows the Party line.

The unbelievable shit that’s happening in the American school system is a result of government tyranny and parents not being involved enough in their children’s education.

Out of control paranoid zealots have taken over the American school system.  They are incapable of making reasoned, common sense decisions.

Just a few examples of the bat-shit crazy depths to which they’ve sunk:

A Michigan elementary school child had his cupcakes confiscated because they were decorated with plastic green Army Soldiers. The morons probably thought the toy Soldiers’ guns were actually loaded.

A 10 year old girl in a Texas elementary school was given a week’s detention for being caught with a Jolly Rancher.

40 children in an elementary school in Utah had their lunches seized and thrown away because their parents had fallen behind on payments.

A child in a North Carolina Pre-K program brought a lunch from home that the school deemed “unhealthy” because she didn’t have a vegetable. Her mother packed a lunch that contained a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, apple juice and potato chips. She was forced to take a helping of chicken nuggets, milk, a fruit and a vegetable to supplement her sack lunch. The kid was so intimidated she didn’t all of her homemade lunch. She ate only the chicken nuggets provided to her by the school, so she still didn’t eat a vegetable, anyway. The idea that the whole fucking thing was ridiculous never occurred to the school administrators.

The idiocy goes beyond the nazification of school lunches. Children who shape a Pop-Tart into a gun, play “Rescue the World” by throwing a fake grenade at “evil forces”, point a Hello Kitty bubble gun at a classmate, or make a gun gesture with their little hands, are considered armed and dangerous.  Child’s play is considered a terrorist threat.

However, pushing Marxism and Islam, designating “transgender” bathrooms for K-12 students, and teaching the art of “fisting”, adult sex acts, sexual positions, porn stars and bestiality as part of “sex education”, are all part of academic life in American schools.

Remember, The State knows how to raise your children better than you.

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