“Science Based Medicine” Site Pushes Pro-Vax Agenda, Rails Against “Misinformation”

The site’s link is HERE.

It’s chock full of wanna be experts who support their ideology with loads of cherry picked data from like-minded sources.

The site says that it’s owned by ‘skeptics’.


They’re skeptical about everything with the exception of opinions that support their agenda.  Anything else is “misinformation”.

They push their own misinformation in the form of politicized, opinion-based data that masquerades as critical thinking. It’s actually just a bunch of self absorbed lefties with a social justice ax to grind. There’s nothing rational about their thinking. Their data, statistics, and studies are designed to show the peons that the ‘scientific community’ knows what’s good for the masses. Not one contributor bucks the groupthink.  Epidemiologists like Dr. Scott Atlas are not represented.

It’s all the fault of the ‘antivaxxer’  heretics. They’ve ruined the chance that these megalomanics would become Lords of Us All when we rejected the insanity and got back to our normal lives. One look at the rants of the managing editor, David Gorski, gives you a good idea of just how unhinged they are. Doctors who question the legitimacy of pushing a risky vax on everyone—needed or not—are “quacks.”  Doctors who give reasoned, logical rebuttals to his claims get lengthy diatribes about “anti-vaxxers”.  He’s the MD version of Godwin’s Law. He also (big surprise) has ties to Big Pharma. More on Gorski here and here. He’s a real fucking piece of work.

Speaking of skeptics, the eggheads at MIT ‘infiltrated’ a Covid skeptics community and found that they are pragmatic and rely on evidence, not hysteria.

I got into a lengthy discourse with several acolytes of the “get the vax or die” creed.

One of my comments:


“ScienceMonkey” posted this little gem in response:



I have “survivorship bias”.  Because I let my immune system do the work without being paranoid over death or relying on the advice of the government or basket cases who will take jabs for rest of their lives. How did I ever manage?

Of the 340 million global cases of COVID-19, over 273 million people had recovered from the disease, while there were only 5.6 million deaths. It really sucks for them to know that the virus isn’t as deadly as they think, or would like. Rabid vaxxers wanted a new plague they could politicize forever.  They want endless ‘boosters’, vax passports, and suffocation devices for the rest of their miserable lives. They want to Balkanize the country into areas reserved for vaxxed and unvaxxed citizens.

The Faucist Karens  want everyone to suffer the misery of severe side effects or death; not just the ones who chose to be vaxxed,  Their frustration at the prospect of natural immunity drives them to distraction.

They will drag the covidiocy out into the next century. Covid has become the new cottage industry of Big Pharma.

Real skeptics like myself do not trust a ‘scientific community’ that changes the ‘facts’, theories, and narratives as often as they change underwear. The CDC lied about the cases and inflated the fatalities to deliberately feed the maws of public hysteria.

Fauci is the mouthpiece for government newspeak.  He keeps the fear meter pegged at full capacity.  He is the Biden regime’s Ministry of Truth against those who will not submit; a population of critical thinkers who don’t believe fraud.

It’s not about public health and safety, it’s about power and control.

People are fed up.


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COVID-19 and the Political Economy of Mass Hysteria https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7913136/





Spectrum of neurological complications following COVID-19 vaccination https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8557950/



1 thought on ““Science Based Medicine” Site Pushes Pro-Vax Agenda, Rails Against “Misinformation””

  1. John D. Egbert

    These fools are the 17-year cicadas of the medical world. Last time out they surfaced as “Science In the Public Interest” — a small group of nutcases armed with letterhead, a fax machine, and a wildly over-inflated set of egos driven by megalomania. This bunch deserves the same fate: derision, ridicule and being totally ignored.

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