SEIU to Blacks: ‘You’re Persuadable’

Well at least they were during the 2008 election.

Hat Tip to RedState.

One paragraph in a story about a Chicago politician teaming up with the SEIU to get out the vote on November 2nd says a lot about the SEIU and its views of African Americans.

It is one thing for the SEIU to send in paid (and unpaid) operatives to get people out to vote, it is quite another for them to target a race because they are more “persuadable” than others.

“On Election Day they [the SEIU] will dispatch 4,000 workers — 2,000 paid operatives and 2,000 volunteers — to juice up turnout on Chicago’s South and West sides and in the south suburbs. The effort mirrors a sweeping national Democratic push to energize black voters.

Why do the Democrats’ last hopes hinge on the black vote?

For better or worse, African Americans remain staunch Obama defenders. The SEIU funded polling research showing that, given the anti-Democratic mood, other voting blocs were not “persuadable.”

It’s not the first time the SEIU’s racism has reared its ugly head. Last year, a minor controversy erupted when Executive Vice President Gerry Barnes was caught on camera explaining how “it doesn’t take a whole lot to argue African-American workers to another place.” [Video here.]

Unfortunately, there’s a ring of truth to this. Minorities have traditionally flocked to the Dems because of the endless promises of handouts, welfare, and free rides.  The democratic party shamelessly exploits blacks and Hispanics, and they in turn, follow like sheeple.

The Dems sell them a defective bill of goods that (*wink* *wink*,*nudge* *nudge*) they really care about the poor.  What they created was an entitlement culture; an able-bodied but lazy segment of society that siphons off the public dole.  Every developed country has them. It’s a perpetual welfare class that doesn’t work because they don’t have to. They know how to manipulate the system and they pass it to their children like a fucking family heirloom.

Case in point:
Thousands of homies in Detroit thought they were registering for $3000 stimulus checks courtesy of their Lord and Savior, Obama.

The SEIU isn’t an organization that likes to have its corruption questioned, especially by a minority.
In November 2009, SEIU goons attacked black conservative Kenneth Gladney for handing out Tea Party flyers and “Don’t Tread on Me” flags outside a town hall meeting in St. Louis, Missouri. While beating him, they called him “nigger”.

That totally blows their “tolerance” image.

More documented incidents of racist behavior and actions on the part of the Left, including the epithets, threats, and violence hurled at minorities and patriots who won’t tolerate their bullshit:

No matter who you are, you need to think carefully about the groups and individuals you support for office. Look at their track record and ask yourself if they really have our best interests in mind. While you’re at it, take inventory of your own life and what you’ve done to make things better for you, your family, and this country.

When thugs like the SEIU and Marxists like Obama are placed in positions of influence and power, it’s time for a serious reassessment.

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