Senate Dems Re-Affirm ObamaCare Subsidies for Themselves

In another case of Democrat ‘do as we say not as we do’, the Dem-controlled Senate voted twice within two hours, to grant themselves federal subsidies under ObamaCare:

A sense of the absurd spread on the Senate floor as lawmakers voted a second time within hours to reject a House-passed funding stopgap shortly before a midnight deadline to avoid a government shutdown.
Senators defeated the House proposal along party lines, 54-46 There were no defections. The measure would have delayed the individual mandate, a core piece of the Affordable Care Act, and prevented congressional lawmakers and staff from receiving federal subsidies when they enter healthcare exchanges.
“This time the House has attached a poison pill that would punish 16,000 congressional staff,” he said.Senate Democrats left little doubt before the vote they would strike the amendments attached to a stopgap bill funding government through Dec. 15.

That’s because being subjected to a socialist monstrosity like ObamaCare is for the little people.
Democrats, in particular, have an arrogant sense of entitlement and detachment from the oppressive laws they inflict on others. Some of their union supporters, however, got a rude awakening when they realized what a clusterfuck ObamaCare is. Just wait until the rank and file idiots who installed this assclown into office for the second time, get a load of what’s in store for them. When I hear them piss and moan, my stock answer will be: “Congratulations, asshole. You got what you voted for.”

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