Senator’s Letter to Obama Warned Him About Russian Uranium One Deal

On 21 December 2010,  Sen John Barrasso (R-WY) wrote a letter to Obama warning that the sale of Uranium One to Russia would give them  “Control over sizeable portion America’s uranium production capacity”.

Obama let this happen anyway. He was part and parcel to Hillary’s uranium deal.



The Senate Judiciary has opened an investigation on the corruption and bribery over the Obama-Russian uranium deal.  That letter should be entered into evidence.  Deputy Attorney General Ron Rosenstein and  Robert Mueller’s right hand man, Andrew Weissmann, former head of the fraud unit at Obama/Holder’s Justice Department, signed the plea agreement of the Russian businessman embroiled in the Clinton-Uranium One case.  Hillary’s Clinton Foundation made quite a tidy sum from the Russians to the tune of $145 million in donations from people connected to the uranium deal.

With all the evidence, prosecution should be easy. We’ll see if Jeff Sessions has the balls.


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