Sharyl Attkisson: ‘Obama Did Spy on Trump Just Like He Did to Me’

From Gateway Pundit

Her personal computer and CBS laptop were hacked after she began filing stories about Benghazi that were unflattering to the Obama administration. Attkisson wrote a New York Times bestseller documenting this called ‘Stonewalled’.

On Wednesday, Attkisson wrote an Op-Ed for The Hill titled, “It looks like Obama did spy on Trump, just as he apparently did to me” in response to the CNN report that Obama’s FBI indeed wiretapped Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Attkisson said in her op-ed that many in the media are missing the bigger story with the wiretapping reports. The Obama administration spied on political opponents, journalists and members of Congress and asks if the intel agencies are indeed weaponized.

She also points out a pattern that every time CIA Director John Brennan or DNI head James Clapper were caught spying, they would falsely deny such accusations.

Attkisson points out that the media is happy to push propaganda for the government rather than report the truth…

Read the full op-ed here.

Attkisson also posted her Obama-era surveillance timeline which is bone chilling to read.

In the timeline, Attkisson reveals when she began to be targeted by the Obama admin and how it progressed.

She also slammed the MSM for ignoring the weaponization of intel agencies under Obama.


CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson first broke away from her network’s leftwing narrative and started asking some serious questions over Fast and Furious. For that, she was berated by DOJ spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler, and literally got screamed and cussed at by White House communications director Eric Schultz.  A DOJ document dump confirms that Holder’s DOJ worked with the Obama White House to target ‘out of control’ Sharyl Attkisson.

Then she really pissed off the hierarchy when she focused attention on Benghazi.

Obama didn’t like being challenged on his incompetency and corruption, so he had her computer hacked. His regime was very prolific with the wiretaps and spying.

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