*SHOCKER* Kerry Admits Syria’s Use of WMD

From Politico.

Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday called Syria’s use of chemical weapons “undeniable” and indicated that Obama is plotting action in the coming days.

Setting the stage for eventual military intervention, Kerry said in a statement from the State Department that what is happening on the ground in Syria “is real and it is compelling” and requires a response from the international community. Attacks on civilians by Bashar al-Assad’s regime are, he said, “a moral obscenity” that “should shock the conscience of the world.”

……Obama has long called the use of chemical weapons a “red line” that would trigger a forceful response from many of the world’s powers — though not from Russia, which continues to back Assad.

Action…like another trip to the golf course or the Hamptons.

Gee, I wonder how Syria could have gotten some of that WMD material.

Obama’s “red line” is a joke.

3 thoughts on “*SHOCKER* Kerry Admits Syria’s Use of WMD”

  1. well…fightin’ for piece is kinda like fookin’ fer virginity…

    bring our kids home…NOW!!!…

    those fookin’ camel fookers an’ goat molesters ain’t worth one drop of the Kansas kids blood…

  2. I’m with Russia on this. Is it barbaric for Assad to use WMD? Yup. But he’s using it on people who if given half the chance would bomb the shit out of us! I fail to see why some kid from Kansas should lay down his life to get involved where both sides are as evil as each other.

    1. Daniel,
      I agree 100%. It’s just that the Left is very hypocritical especially with regard to foreign policy. For example, all that bullshit the Democrats spewed about Iraq being “the bad war” and Afghanistan being “the good war”, was just a lot of campaign bluster….for Obama. As if we needed confirmation.
      I don’t care if they kill each other. When they kill Americans, I have a big problem with that. My point is all the talk about Obama’s “red line” is a joke. He’s a coward anyway, and his foreign policy is as dicked up as he is.
      SFC MAC

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