Smiling Harris, Abrams ‘We Care’ Dems, Complete With Homeless Guy in the Background

Myopic, clueless, and self absorbed. Typical DemProgs.


From Gateway Pundit


Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (CA) posted a photo Tuesday evening that has been ignored by the media even though it shows her and fellow Democratic Party star Stacey Abrams at an outdoor city cafe laughing it up while a man in the background lies passed out or dead on a bench on the sidewalk a short distance away. Harris’s presidential campaign slogan is, “For the People”.

Harris posted the photo to congratulate Abrams, who lost a hotly contested race to be Georgia governor in 2018 to Republican Brian Kemp but became became a national figure in the process, for being selected to give the Democrats’ response to President Trump’s State of the Union address on February 5.



An online search shows that after three days since Harris posted the photo, only conservative sites have reported on Harris’ photograph laughing it up with Abrams while a man is passed out or dead in the background. No Politico, Axios, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC or FOX reported on the photo.



The Dems are wealthy elitist poufs who manipulate the unionized working class, the poor, and minorities into believing that in spite of the stark contrast between their lifestyles and their constituents, they really care. (wink,wink)



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