Socialist Effetes Try to ‘Make Sense of the Tea Party Movement’

Dave Weigel, a former member of the now defunct leftwing JournoList cabal, discusses his lefty friends’ confusion about the Tea Party.

On the night before we are scheduled to address this conference, the Tea Party experts are treated to a meal at the Faculty Club. It sounds fancy, and it is, with the feel and décor of a Sundance ski lodge. Over craft beers, wine, and cheese, we discuss that favorite topic of liberal academics: What the hell happened to Barack Obama? Why does the right have all the energy that he and the left used to own?

You effetes have owned the MSM for years, and helped foist a socialist empty suit into office. It must really suck to know that in spite of that, you’ve lost the narrative.

“He got out in front of a movement that was already beginning to mobilize,” says Hardy Frye, a professor emeritus of black studies who was an SNCC field director in Alabama and Mississippi. “I walked precincts! I saw people voting that I hadn’t seen voting in 15 years. I said, ‘This is a movement, he’s going to win on this issues.’ And I’m not the only one disappointed.”

Frye shakes his head in disbelief. “What he needed was a job program that addressed the inner cities. It didn’t even have to cost that much.” He shakes his head again. “I think he really believes this bipartisan shit.”

ACORN and the rest of Obama’s campaign machine all did their part for voter fraud. The media dutifully sold Lord and Savior Obama to minorities, thereby getting him elected. It’s not like B. Hussein and the Dem majority haven’t done all they can to “fundamentally change” America into a socialist wet dream.

It’s just that the rest of the country—including those who were tepid on McCain—finally realized how bad off the country is with this assclown in charge, and decided to do something about it.

“Bi-partisan shit”? Coulda fooled me. There’s not one goddamned “bi-partisan” thing about the bailouts, stimulus, ObamaCare, government takeover of private industries, and trampling of the Constitution. It was all rammed through by a DemLeft majority of Congress.  They’ve been in control of the legislature since 2007.

Get a load of the hurtful indignation at the masses:

We sit down and we’re given the full details for the conference: “Fractures, Alliances, and Mobilizations: Emerging Analyses of the Tea Party Movement.” It’s the first event of its kind hosted by Berkeley’s two-year-old Center for the Comparative Study of Right-Wing Movements. The San Francisco Chronicle’s Debra Saunders and I are two reporters invited to speak; everyone else is an academic, a think tanker, or a political researcher. One of the authors of the NAACP’s report on “Tea Party Nationalism” is here, as is Nixonland author Rick Perlstein.

But the focus is going to be on the academics and the activists, on and off the stage. They want to know what the hell is going on. They are in Berkeley, where they are used to venerating left-wing activism and putting up sandbags against the once-a-decade conservative wave— Reagan (twice), Proposition 13 (about property taxes), Proposition 209 (about affirmative action), George W. Bush. The Tea Party, though? A bunch of people who reverse-engineer Saul Alinsky and yell “Keep the government out of Medicare” and have conservatives shouting down politicians and filling street corners?
Read the rest of Weigel’s tripe here:

The tone of Weigel’s writing is one of sympathy for the befuddled brainiacs, and I’m sure he’s just as frustrated.

Weigel and his comrades in academic intelligentsia can’t understand why Americans have had it up-to-here with tyrannical abuse of the Constitution, and the insufferable arrogance of ruling Democratic politicians.

Reverse engineer Alinsky?  Alinsky is in the same category as malignants like Lenin and Marx.
We want to erase all vestiges of that communist punk from any influence in our Democratic Republic.

Having said that, here’s a real side splitter. One of the little fops complains that the masses know Alinksy better than the proponents:

“How is it that [the Tea Party has] read the Saul Alinsky handbook and progressives haven’t?” gripes one activist. “It seems like a natural thing for progressives to take the lead here and say, look, this is in your interest. Especially when jobs and homes are being lost, that seems like a cakewalk.”

“One of the most famous things Saul Alinsky did was—when O’Hare Airport wasn’t hiring African-Americans—he held the ‘shit-in,’ ” said Perlstein. “They waited until the big planes were getting in then monopolized the toilets. I can’t see Barack Obama doing that.”

ROFLMAO!!! That is just amazingly naive for such an ‘educated progressive’. Of course, there’s more to Alinky’s philosophy than “shit-ins”.  How dare we actually read, understand, and vehemently oppose Alinsky’s malfeasance.

Why, the unmitigated gall.

One of the focus papers produced by this pathetic group of neo-Bolsheviks, contains the usual subject matter you’d expect to find at a bohemian book co-op: Prospects for an American Neofascism.

Another delves into the strange, fascinating world of a pseudo-intellectual chasing his tail:
A Macro-Micro Model of Participation in Political Action: The Tea Party and Cognitive Biases in Information Consumption and Processing.

All those bright, educated, patronizing prigs just don’t get it.  The Tea Party is America.  It’s the heart of what this country is supposed to stand for; the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, with limited government.

We’re not going to tolerate the train wreck created by the business-as-usual autocrats.   We want our elected officials to respect their constituents and honor the Constitution.  

Just a reminder for the politicians: You work for us, and we know where you work.

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