Some of Those Rioting Thugs in London Were Middle and Upper Class Spoiled Brats

Reminds me of the anti-Vietnam war protesters in the 60’s.  Many of them were college effetes from affluent families.

Apparently, some rich kids wanted to raise hell alongside the feral scumbags.

Poverty, social exclusion, poor education – these are just some of the theories put forward to explain the recent rioting.

Yet shockingly, among those in the dock accused of looting are a millionaire’s grammar school daughter, a ballet student and an organic chef.


Millionaire’s daughter Laura Johnson, 19, was charged with stealing £5,000-worth of electronic goods, including a Toshiba TV, Goodmans TV, microwave and mobile phones.

The goods were allegedly found in a car being driven by Miss Johnson after a branch of Comet in Charlton, south-east London, was raided.

Bexleyheath magistrates heard  that a ‘public order kit’ of balaclava, gloves and a bandana was also found in the car.

……Her parents, Robert and Lindsay Johnson, live in a large detached farmhouse in Orpington. It has extensive grounds and a tennis court. They sold their previous house, near Greenwich, for £930,000 in 2006.

Miss Johnson’s parents, who supported her in court, run Avongate, a direct marketing company.

Her father is a businessman with directorships in several companies. He was a director in a company that took over the Daily Sport and Sunday Sport newspapers in 2007.


University graduate Natasha Reid, 24, came from a comfortable family home and studied at university to achieve her dream of becoming a social worker.

But her career hopes are now in jeopardy after she stole a £300 JVC television from a battered Comet store on her way home.

You young woman had been eating at a McDonalds fast-food chain when she became involved in the opportunistic looting.

Reid, from Edmonton, north London, yesterday pleaded guilty at Westminster Magistrates Court to theft and entering with intent to steal.

The young woman told the court that she was so overcome with guilt after stealing the TV on Saturday evening that she handed herself in to the police the next day. They promptly arrested her.

Reid’s mother, Pamela, said that her daughter was baffled by her criminal behaviour as she already has a 27-inch TV in her bedroom.

‘She didn’t want a TV. She doesn’t even know why she took it. She doesn’t need a telly,’ the girl’s mother told the Times.

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Most of the rioting vandals were part of the “multicultural” segment of British society. But there’s always that group of rich kids who want to join in for the cause of ‘social justice’.  What ever the fuck that means.

1 thought on “Some of Those Rioting Thugs in London Were Middle and Upper Class Spoiled Brats”

  1. Twobb Nuccio

    Boy, it sounds frightening! A feral madness seems to have taken hold of the human mind in instances such as these. Maybe these people are subconsciously responding to the underlying tone of hopelessness and savagery that is floating around the world today, especially in big cities? I, personally, am so sick of people justfiying their barbarism in the name of “social justice.” A greater “social justice” would be to teach these jerks a lesson.

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