Some Terrorists Just Don’t get Paid Enough for the Trouble

The latest with Philippine terrorism:

In the south, the Moslem fighters of two rogue MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) commanders, are beginning to desert or surrender to the army. The MILF commanders made big promises to their followers, to encourage them to take part in the attacks on Christian villages. This began last August, and initially, hundreds of thousands of civilians were chased out of their villages, which the MILF men looted. But since the army quickly intervened, there’s been less loot, and more getting shot at by soldiers. This is not what a lot of MILF guys signed up for and they are not happy about it. Even some of the lower ranking MILF commanders are quitting, disgusted with the lack of progress in peace negotiations, and the poverty brought on by the ceasefire (which has halted the plundering and looting the MILF typically used to maintain themselves).

Strapped for cash, they’re resorting to kidnapping and ransom demands:

……On Basilan, nine men kidnapped a foreign peace activist and held him for ransom. But the Belgian NGO the peace advocate belonged to refused to pay ransom.
……February 5, 2009: Kidnapping is a growing problem on Basilan island, with eight people currently being held. Some of the kidnappers are criminals out for a quick score, but most are related to Islamic radical groups, that are all having cash flow problems.
……February 3, 2009: On Jolo island, the military said it would never give in to kidnappers demands that troops withdraw from the island before ransom negotiations can proceed.

It’s tough being a Philippine terrorist. They’re running out of cash and options. Apparently, the 72 virgins they’re promised aren’t enough.

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