Spokeskid Carney: ‘Benghazi is Like So Last Year’

From Human Events:

Gaze in wonder as the Memory Hole actually opens before your eyes, with White House spokesman Jay Carney asserting that “Benghazi happened a long time ago.”

The loved ones and friends of the victims beg to differ.

Hey, we can play that game too. Sandy Hook, Gabby Gifford’s shooting, and the murder of movie patrons in Colorado happened eons ago.   The ratio of importance to forgetfulness in Obama’s world depends on whether or not it can be used to further his political agenda.

Any attempt to criticize Obama’s narrative is “politically motivated”.  Carney’s flippant attitude is typical of the depraved indifference in the Obama regime.

Jay’s Greatest Hits:

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Jay Carney, Economic Genius

The only kind of spokesperson who can say all that shit with a straight face is someone who is just as stupid as they sound.


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1 thought on “Spokeskid Carney: ‘Benghazi is Like So Last Year’”

  1. yeah, sooo long ago, why that was almost 8 months! — but it does make you wonder how ‘they’ continue to “blame Bush”, which was really a “long time ago”. Unless these ppl have NO credibility. But as Hillary, ‘The Incompetent’ said, “who cares??!”

    This is what happens when you allow socialist democrats in Office.

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