Spokeskid Carney Forgets Name of Slain Border Agent

It’s so easy to forget when you’re busy trying to cover the asses of the two shitbags—Obama and Holder— who got him killed.

“We absolutely agree with the need to find out the truth about why Fast & Furious happened, why the tactic, again, was employed in the previous administration, in different operations and was stopped by this Attorney General, why it came about. And that’s why the Attorney General referred it to Inspector General. That is why we have provided Congress every document that pertains to the operation itself that is at issue here when you talk about the family that you referred to,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said at his briefing today.

“The Terry family,” Carney said after ABC’s Jake Tapper reminded him of the name.

“Oh what’s his name…..uh…it escapes me….uh the one….I think he was a Border Agent wasn’t he?…uh it’s on the tip of my tongue…the guy that was a murder victim…uh…hey Tapper, help me out here”.

Carney is such a douche.

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