Spouses of Border Patrol Agents Invite Pro-Illegal Alien Pelosi to Texas Border Town

Via Fox News

A group of women whose husbands patrol America’s southern border along the banks of the Rio Grande are inviting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to come to Texas so she can see first-hand why a barrier between the U.S. and Mexico is desperately needed.

“We would like to show you around! You don’t need to bring any security detail. Our husbands/boyfriends/fiances/wives/significant others are actually very good at their jobs, thank goodness!” Jill Demanski wrote in the letter posted on Facebook.

Demanski added: “We’d also appreciate if you’d stop pretending that you care about federal workers. If you did, you would care for their safety, not just their paychecks. We can hold out a while longer if it means our husbands and communities are safer.”

Posted on Thursday – a day before President Trump announced a tentative deal to reopen the government at least until mid-February – the letter quickly went viral.

“I felt it’s really important to have our leaders come here and see what’s happening first. It’s important to meet with the people who are here on a daily basis, that are witnessing it – the effects of it, that it has on our country,” Demaski said on “Fox & Friends” on Monday. “We want them to come here and make an informed decision and to see what’s really going on.”

A 17-person bipartisan committee of House and Senate lawmakers is expected to negotiate border spending as part of the legislative process. It’s unclear if Democrats will budge in their opposition to funding a border wall, while Trump said Sunday he doubted he could accept any agreement struck by congressional negotiators that gives him less than his requested $5.7 billion for the construction of a barrier on the U.S.-Mexico border.

……“Border patrol and our agents and experts here have been asking for [the wall] for years,” she said. “Now we have a president who has come here and seen first-hand the need and has had our backs.”


Here’s a copy of the letter:



Nancy will never take her scrawny ass to the border to see the reality for herself. She’s too busy blocking any measures that would secure the border, pandering to illegals, and doing what she can to damage national security.

2 thoughts on “Spouses of Border Patrol Agents Invite Pro-Illegal Alien Pelosi to Texas Border Town”

  1. In keeping with the exposing of dirtbags we all hate, how about a draw, trash, tell jokes about and insult Pelosi page? The possibilities are almost endless.

  2. I love this letter. It hits the nail right on the head. Pelosi and her band of idiots don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves and obstructing the President anyway they can. The two faced bitch should be filled with tequila and dumped in an alley in Tijuana. Pretentious Pelosi couldn’t reach up to scratch the ass of the border patrol and their partners. She and Chuckie Cheezeball are two of the vilest human beings to ever crawl from the primordial ooze into the DC sewer. Let’s hope the grown ups in the Democratic Kindergarten grow some cajones and tell the “soiled diapers” in the room to stop stinking up place.

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