Sweden Rocked by Hundreds of Bombings, Shootings by ‘Criminal Clans With a Different Culture’

This is what happens when you allow hostile foreign nationals/terrorists into your country who are diametrically opposed to the principles of western civilization.  It’s going to happen in America too.

Daily Mail

A suspected bomb blast which tore through an apartment block, injuring 20 people in the Swedish city of Gothenburg in the early hours of Tuesday has reignited the country’s debate over rampant gang violence.

Police say that an explosive device was ‘probably’ placed at the scene, with sources revealing that an officer who recently testified at a major gang trial lived in the building.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven refused to ‘speculate’ but it’s hard to blame Swedes for rushing to conclusions: more than 200 explosions and 360 shootings reverberated through their cities in 2020.

Police chiefs blame the violence on ‘criminal clans that have a completely different culture’ and a ‘generous welfare system and trusting society can be exploited by the criminal networks.’

The country last year suffered its highest level of murder and manslaughter for at least 18 years, with 124 people killed in violent attacks. Eighty per cent were linked to gangs and 39 per cent involved guns.

In July, a 33-year-old rookie policeman was shot dead in the Gothenburg suburb Biskopsgarden. One officer called it an ‘execution’ and claimed that the shooter had aimed directly at his colleague.

In a separate incident last summer, Gothenburg’s most notorious crime family, the Ali Khans, set up roadblocks in the northeast of the city, shining torches into cars to hunt for members of a rival mob.

Surging crime prompted liberal newspaper Expressen to ask in a recent editorial: ‘How could we allow Sweden to turn into Europe’s gangster paradise?’

Right-wing politicians blame massive immigration from North Africa and the Middle East which has ghettoised urban areas, making it harder for police to enforce the laws of the land.

But the government has long shied away from drawing any link between immigration and the country’s soaring crime rate.

……’When the clan system found in the Middle East, North Africa and the Balkans was transferred into Sweden, with our high level of social trust, it mutated into organized crime.


No, the ‘clan system’ brought its terrorist proclivities with them.  Denying the inherent connection between Islam and violence grants them permission to continue their rampage.

The entire continent of Europe is saturated with these muzzie thugs, yet the idiots in government keep making excuses and pandering to them.

The rise of Islamic terrorism on the European continent started the day they put out the welcome mat for Haji invaders.

Muzzie animals commit massacres across Germany and have engaged in multiple terrorist attacks in France and Belgium, starting with Charlie Hebdo in January, 2015. Evidently, they haven’t had enough carnage. Instead of preventing these muzzie monsters from entering their region and deporting the rest, they prefer to become eunuchs for the New Caliphate.

Across Europe they murder, rape, and commit acts of terrorism with impunity while citizens who speak out against it are censored, harassed, and prosecuted.

We face the same shit here thanks to the Dem shitstains who let thousands of unvetted Afghan “refugees” into the country. Hundreds of them have simply walked away from military bases without completing the resettlement process. God only knows how many of them are ISIS, al Qaeda, and Taliban terrorists. When they get in and commit more terrorist acts in America, the Dems and their media tools will blame “Islamophobia”.



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