Taliban Attacks Afghan Parliament, NATO HQ, Embassies

It’s part of their “hey, we’re still here” spring offensive.

The assault, one of the most serious on the capital since U.S.-backed Afghan forces removed the Taliban from power in 2001, highlighted the ability of militants to strike the heavily guarded diplomatic zone even after more than 10 years of war.

It was also another election-year setback in Afghanistan for…Obama, who wants to present the long campaign against the Taliban as a success before the departure of most foreign combat troops by the end of 2014.

Except that the piss-poor excuse for a commander-in-chief has obstructed U.S. troops with suicidal ROE and an ass-kissing campaign that would make Neville Chamberlain blush. Not much success in that.

“These attacks are the beginning of the spring offensive and we had planned them for months,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told Reuters.

……The Taliban said the main targets were the German and British embassies and the headquarters of the NATO-led force. Several Afghan members of parliament joined security forces repelling attackers from a roof near the parliament.

Large explosions shook the diplomatic sector of Kabul. Billows of black smoke rose from embassies while rocket-propelled grenades whizzed overhead.

Heavy gunfire could be heard from many directions as Afghan security forces tried to repel Taliban fighters.

……Other insurgent fighters, some dressed in women’s head-to-toe covering burqas, launched attacks in three other provinces. In the eastern city of Jalalabad, they attacked a foreign force base near a school and a blast went off near the airport.

……(American Ambassador Ryan) Crocker said it was unlikely the Afghan Taliban had the capacity to launch Sunday’s attacks on its own, and speculated that the Haqqani were behind it.

“My guess, based on previous experience here, is this is a set of Haqqani network operations out of north Waziristan and the Pakistani tribal areas. Frankly I don’t think the Taliban is good enough”

Pakistan functions as a safehaven for several muslim terrorist groups, and should be one of the Islamofascist countries on our shit list. 

The muzzies know that as long as Obama is in office, they can pretty much get away with anything, and he’ll be more than glad to apologize for hurting their feelings.

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