Taliban Captures American Soldier Who Wandered Off Base in Afghanistan

UPDATES to the story HERE, HERE, and HERE.


There’s a lot of things that don’t add up.

A Soldier from Idaho who disappeared from his base in Afghanistan has been captured, the Pentagon confirmed Sunday, a day after he was seen in a Taliban video posted online.

The Defense Department released the name of Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, 23, who was serving with an Alaska-based infantry regiment. The private was last seen walking away from his base near the border with Pakistan in an area known to be a Taliban stronghold.

Even before his name became public, two U.S. defense officials confirmed to The Associated Press that the man in that 28-minute video was the captured Soldier. The video, in which Bergdahl said he was “scared I won’t be able to go home,” provided the first public glimpse of the missing American.

The Pentagon statement said Bergdahl’s whereabouts became unknown on July 1 and his status was changed July 3 to missing-captured.

……In the video, Bergdahl had his head shaved and was seen with the start of a beard. He was sitting and dressed in a nondescript, gray outfit. Early in the video one captor held the Soldier’s dog tag up to the camera. His name and ID number were clearly visible. He was shown eating at one point and sitting cross-legged.

He said the date was July 14 and that he was captured when he lagged behind on a patrol. It’s clear the video was made no earlier than July 14 because Bergdahl repeated an exaggerated Taliban claim about a Ukrainian helicopter that was shot down that day.

He was interviewed in English by his captors. He was asked his views on the war, which he called extremely hard; his desire to learn more about Islam; and the morale of American Soldiers, which he said was low.

……On July 2, the U.S. military said an American Soldier had disappeared after walking off his base in eastern Afghanistan with three Afghan counterparts and was believed to have been taken prisoner.

That kid isn’t the sharpest fucking bayonet in the arms room. Why in the hell did he wander off base without his ‘battle rattle’, his weapon, or a logical reason, like a mission? I hate to say this, but he delivered himself up to the muslim jihad scum on a god damned silver platter. It has all the earmarks of a desertion along with a defection to the enemy. If that’s the case, if he’s ever returned, he ought to be hung by his ankles and beaten like a piñata.

This didn’t start out well, and it probably won’t end that way, either.

7 thoughts on “Taliban Captures American Soldier Who Wandered Off Base in Afghanistan”

  1. Is there any reason not to drone the 5 “detainees” when they fly back to their lair. We should have “tried”these men in a court of law years ago when they were first captured. Then we would not have to let them go…. Obama may think he will be known and revered for his part in obtaining the release of Bergdahl.
    But I am sure that he will be more remembered as the “IDIOT” that released 5 murderers that will probably bomb us again. Well if they do come after the U.S. Again, I say bomb the Oval Office and get rid of Obama.

    1. Tara,
      This is just the latest in what should be an impeachable crime with incarceration. He violates the Constitution and the law without impunity, and so far, Congress hasn’t had the balls to prosecute.
      I agree 100% with the method to get rid of Obama.

      SFC MAC

  2. Well, then, this is palpable enough for me to say there SHOULD be an Article 32 investigation because there were SEAL teams who DIED searching for this “wanderer”, deserter, possible “Traitor”! So, I pray the family members of the SEAL Teams who died in their search will ACT on this and ASK for an Article 32 Investigation because THEY LOST THEIR LOVED ones in the act of finding a DESERTER! What can be more FAIR than that? We don’t need to be shunned away from the TRUTH! In fact, we DEMAND the truth behind all this. All these articles coming up now about this Bergdahl “scandal” can’t be all falsified….there has to be a truth here and the US Marines better come out with it. It’s no embarrassment on them….why would it? If Bergdahl did “wonder” off base without his military equipment and weapons, then that IS considered an plausible Act of Desertion. Hey, I am also a veteran, 25 yrs. Army, and we have the same rules, or close to the Marines…Desertion IS Desertion no matter how you look at it. I was ALWAYS told, during our “practice” training exercises, that if any of us “wandered” off our locations without our weapons and our full-bearing equipment, that would be called “desertion” and AWOL. None of us did that during training exercises, of course, but in the “real world” situations, and my husband was in Desert Storm (before that in Vietnam), you either are a hero killed in battle, a hero returning from a battle, a soldier gone AWOL, a “wandering” Deserter, or a TRAITOR to your country. My husband is a still alive HERO returned from Desert Storm, (a sniper by assignment), so he knows what a Traitor, an AWOL and Deserter mean, and so do I. There has to be something about this guy, Bergdahl that we need to find out before we go all hog wild and give him a “welcome back” parade!!!

    1. C-Ann-C,

      Unfortunately, Bergdahl is a Soldier, not a Marine. I wish he were their problem child, not ours. It’s bad enough we had the likes of Bradley Manning, but that’s another story. Bowe Bergdahl deliberately deserted the Army and willingly became a mouthpiece for Islamic propaganda. He walked away from his base camp, with three Afghan counterparts and meandered right into the waiting arms of the Taliban. He DESERTED his unit. He served as a propaganda tool, saying he “wanted to learn more about Islam”. Obama is a stupid, dangerous scatterbrain, with no clue how to run a country or a war. The “community organizer” in the White House thinks his Dhimmi approach is a nifty idea. The terrorists who get released and returned to their Islamic cesspools, usually pick up where they left off. As for Bergdahl, he should be marched right up in front of a Court’s Martial and convicted for desertion and giving aid to the enemy. His father is just as dicked up. He tweeted a love note to the Taliban. His father is obviously a tool for the jihad. No one who understands what Islamofascism is all about would purse their lips and kiss the fetid asses of the very muzzie zealots who want us dead. He’s not doing his son any favors. Treason and cowardice must run in the family.

      SFC MAC

  3. clearthinker

    And now, May 2014, he’s traded by our fearless leader barry obama for the top 5 taliban leaders from Gitmo. So this is how he plans to close gitmo by giving all the animals back to their animal buddies?? This is all very strange but frankly, I don’t know if we have enough congresspeople available for another investigation given how many are tied up on all the scandals perpetrated by the weenie in the WH at this point. More to come I’m sure.

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