Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan Opens Door for Resurgence of Al Qaeda

Daily Wire

Intelligence officials are now saying that “extremists” are returning to Afghanistan following the Taliban victory in Kabul Sunday and that terror networks could reform inside the country “within six months,” as the Biden administration struggles to adapt to the sudden and complete loss of bases and military support.

“Foreign intelligence officials said they are detecting signs that the Taliban’s victory has energized global jihadists, a threat that may only grow as the Taliban releases al-Qaeda operatives who were imprisoned by the Afghan government,” The Washington Post reported Tuesday, adding that “officials had seen an uptick in jihadist communications about developments in Afghanistan.”

The situation was already problematic as a result of the United States’ planned withdrawal, the outlet noted, but, according to experts, the Taliban’s swift victory — and the debacle that followed — is now viewed as a victory.

“The U.S. appears in all of this now as a weak nation,” an expert told the Post. Another added that the Taliban’s decisive victory ‘is encouraging many jihadists to think about traveling to Afghanistan now instead of Syria or Iraq.”

Previously, the Post notes, U.S. officials believed it “would take up to two years for al-Qaeda to reconstitute in Afghanistan,” but now that “period could be as little as six months.”


The exit strategy from Afghanistan should have included a mass security force comprised of close air support and American and NATO troops to secure the airport and transport all evacuees to Kabul. What the hell are thousands of Americans still doing in Afghanistan with no contingency plans?

Expect Afghanistan to reestablish itself as a terrorist operating base and training facility. If/when another 9/11 happens, it will start from there.



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