Terrorist Bomber at Afghanistan CIA Base Was Jordanian Double Agent

The suicide bomber who killed eight people inside a CIA base in Afghanistan was a Jordan-born terrorist double agent who was invited to the base because he claimed to have information targeting Osama bin Laden’s second-in-command, a former senior U.S. intelligence official and a foreign government official confirmed Monday

The bombing killed seven CIA employees — four officers and three contracted security guards — and a Jordanian intelligence officer, Ali bin Zaid, according to a second former U.S. intelligence official. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the incident.

The former senior intelligence official and the foreign official said the bomber was Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi, a 36-year old doctor from Zarqa, Jordan, who had been recruited by Jordanian intelligence. Zarqa is the hometown of slain al-Qaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

He was arrested more than a year ago by Jordanian intelligence and was thought to have been persuaded to support U.S. and Jordanian efforts against al-Qaida……He was invited to Camp Chapman, a tightly secured CIA forward base in Khost province on the fractious Afghan-Pakistan frontier, because he was offering urgent information to track down Ayman al-Zawahri, Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man.

……Hajj Yacoub, a self-proclaimed spokesman for the Taliban in Pakistan, identified the bomber on Muslim militant Web sites as Hammam Khalil Mohammed, also known as Abu-Dujana al-Khurasani. There was no independent confirmation of Yacoub’s statement.

Al-Balawi was not searched for bombs when he got onto Camp Chapman, according to both former officials and a current intelligence official.

He detonated the explosive shortly after his debriefing began, according to one of the former intelligence officials. In addition to the eight dead, there were at least six wounded, according to the CIA.

……An online jihadist magazine in September 2009 posted an interview with al-Balawi, according to SITE Monitoring Service, a terrorist watch group that reads and translates messages on extremist forums.

SITE said Monday that al-Balawi used his pseudonym — identified as Khorsani — in the postings, describing how he rose through the ranks of online jihadist forums. He said he went to Afghanistan to fight, and he exhorted others to do violence.

“No words are more eloquent than those proven by acts, so that if that Muslim survives, he will be one who proves his words with acts. If he dies in the Cause of Allah, he will grant his words glory that will be permanent marks on the path to guide to jihad, with permission from Allah,” al-Balawi wrote, according to SITE’s translation.

A Jordanian government official, who was not authorized to speak to the press, said the Jordanian government has no connection to the bomber. The official said the Jordanian government had not verified whether the bomber was Jordanian.

The Taliban’s Yacoub said the Jordanian intelligence officer, bin Zaid, was helping the CIA recruit agents to spy on al-Qaida in Afghanistan. Bin Zaid allegedly recruited the suicide bomber.

……The Jordanian military released a brief statement acknowledging bin Zaid had been killed in Afghanistan, but it did not mention he was working with Jordanian intelligence or cooperating with the CIA.

……Bin Zaid is known to be a relative of Jordan’s King Abdullah II. He held the title of sharif, or nobleman, which was bestowed upon him by the Jordanian monarch.

The fact that this piece of shit was a doctor, goes against the notion that all jihadists are from ‘poor, uneducated, disaffected’ backgrounds. Many of them hold degrees, are highly skilled, and know quite a bit about the mindset of Western citizens. As I’ve said,they understand us better than we understand them; they exploit the naivete of Americans with deadly consequences.

……Al-Balawi was arrested by Jordanian intelligence more than a year ago. He had moderated the main al-Qaida chat forum before his arrest and was known online as Abu Dujanah al-Khurasani.

“Abu Dujanah was an active member of jihadi forums,” said Evan Kohlmann, who tracks jihadi Web sites for NBC News. “He was actually an administrator on the now-defunct Al-Hesbah forum, previously al-Qaida’s main chat forum.”

The Jordanians believed that al-Balawi had been successfully reformed and brought over to the American and Jordanian side. They set him up as an agent and sent him to Afghanistan and Pakistan to infiltrate al-Qaida.

His specific mission, according to officials, was to find and meet Ayman al Zawahiri, al-Qaida’s No. 2, also a physician.

However, a Taliban spokesman, quoted on the Al-Jazeera Web site, said al-Balawi misled Jordanian and U.S. intelligence services for a year. The spokesman, Al-Hajj Ya’qub, promised to release a video confirming his account of the Afghanistan attack.

This so-called ally against terrorism is just one of the Middle Eastern cesspools that breeds assholes like Al-Balawi.  Terrorist groups like The Palestine Islamic Jihad (PIJ) operate in Jordan.  Jordan has tried to sell the idea that its declared a ‘jihad’ on terrorism, but as Robert Spenser pointed out, “only a Muslim-on-Muslim attack inside Jordan itself brought them to this. They haven’t been all that concerned with attacks on non-Muslims outside Jordan.” (http://www.jihadwatch.org/2005/11/jordan-calls-for-jihad-on-terrorism.html)

Not one Islamic country in the Middle East is trustworthy except for one thing; they can be trusted to produce terrorists.

The Jordanian government  plucked this son of a bitch out of the middle of a jihadist cell, and took his word that he was going to be a nice boy and help catch the bad guys. Islamic terrorists can’t be “rehabilitated”.

The CIA let their guard down; trusting this scumbag to the point where they let him into the inner sanctum of their basecamp without proper vetting.

There’s plenty of blame to go around.

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