Texas and Mississippi End COVIDIOCY Restrictions

The COVIDIOCY hysteria has gone beyond any reasoned debate and continues to feed the psychotic mask nazis who will probably wear a fucking mask until they croak.

They prefer to keep crippling the economy and hectoring the public with unhinged rants about plagues and doomsday.

The rest of us are sick of the shit and want the country to get out from under the politicized, manufactured crisis.

Texas and Mississippi are the first to break away.

American Thinker

March 2 was a red-letter day in America because Texas announced that all COVID restrictions are henceforth over.  Additionally, Mississippi, while it didn’t go quite as far, did end mask mandates.  Individual citizens in those states can still make their own choices about masks, social distancing, and their business plans, but the government is no longer riding herd on its citizens over a disease that is fading away.

On Monday, the New York Times expressed a panicky concern that life in America might one day return to normal.

Then came the usual doom and gloom, with Anthony Fauci leading the parade.  The fact is that leftists do not want a return to normal.  COVID has been the best thing that ever happened to them.  It not only allowed them to put into place often unconstitutional rules that warped the 2020 election, but also gave them unprecedented control over Americans.  No sane leftist voluntarily gives up that type of power.

Thankfully, not all states are Democrat-run.  On Tuesday, Texas governor Greg Abbott announced that Texas is re-opening “100 percent“.

That is exactly the way it should be in a free county.

Mississippi isn’t going quite so far, but the mask mandates are now at an end.

……What we’re witnessing is the continuing blessing of America, which is that we have 50 laboratories of democracy, as well as geographic mobility.  Much as Biden would like to keep America in perpetual lockdown to consolidate his party’s power permanently, he can’t.  While California can maintain a permanent state of emergency, at least until Gavin Newsom is given the boot, its residents are going to see that life in Florida, Texas, Mississippi, South Carolina, South Dakota, and other Republican-run states is normal, happy, and economically thriving.

Just look at North American Van Lines’ 2020 U.S. Migration report, which shows the major lockdown states hemorrhaging residents (which means losing its tax base and, eventually, its representation in Congress).  Meanwhile, the free states are booming.  As red states open up and blue states continue to self-immolate, those trends are going to continue in 2021.

Incidentally, the blue states aren’t just lockdown states; they’re the states that have bowed down to BLM and destroyed their criminal justice systems.  That too will lead to people voting with their feet to escape states that have become hellholes of robbery, assault, and murder.


It’s all about power and control, not public health.  The lockdown cult enjoys the suppression of thought and freedom it disagrees with.



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