Texts Show Joe Biden Was Involved With Hunter’s China Partners

Joe Biden claims to know nothing.


Tucker Carlson

In October, the New York Post, the oldest daily newspaper in this country, published a trove of documents showing that members of Joe Biden’s family have been selling access to the former vice president to a number of foreign governments, including the communist government of China.

That’s a blockbuster, but the rest of the media decided to kill it before you could read it. Social media companies banned their users from sharing the Post’s reporting. Other news organizations simply ignored it.

On Oct. 22, 11 days before the presidential election, National Public Radio — an organization that is literally state media, funded against your will by your tax dollars — explained that they would not say anything negative about the Bidens.

“We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories,” NPR managing editor Terence Samuel was quoted as saying, “and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.”

……Wednesday, millions of Americans learned — some for the very first time — that the Biden family has indeed been deeply enmeshed in a series of sleazy international business deals that undercut America’s core interests. We learned that there is an active federal criminal investigation into Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, for that very reason.

What’s interesting is how we found this out. The media didn’t tell us, and neither did the Justice Department. Hunter Biden has far better connections than, say, Roger Stone. Hunter Biden was allowed to tell his own story. He wasn’t rousted from bed at 5 a.m. by dozens of armed paramilitaries in front of a live CNN audience. He’s a prominent Democrat, so he was spared those humiliations.

Instead, the Biden-Harris transition team broke the news in the form of a bizarre press release that informed us with a straight face that Joe Biden was “deeply proud” of his boy Hunter, who, by the way, may have had some minor tax trouble that he will clear up the minute his accountant returns from Cabo. No big deal, and Happy Holidays.

Sure, he’s proud of his son. Hunter is just as corrupt as he is. The road apple doesn’t fall far from the horse’s ass.

But actually, and you may have guessed this part, it turns out there’s more. A report in Politico reveals that Joe Biden’s younger brother, Jimmy, is involved, too. Jimmy Biden is under federal criminal investigation over alleged corruption in the hospital business….

For the few who were able to follow the details of the Bidens’ business deals back in October, none of this comes as a complete surprise. At the time, we talked to Tony Bobulinksi about what he saw. Bobulinski was a business partner of the Bidens as they tried to wheedle money from companies connected to communist China. At some point, Bobulinski began to wonder what the hell was going on.

In our interview, Bobulinski described one of his meetings with Fast Jimmy Biden. Bobulinski wanted to know why the Biden family was so brazen, so open about peddling Joe’s influence to oligarchs and enemies of the United States. Here’s how Jimmy Biden responded.

BOBULINSKI: And I remember looking at Jim Biden and saying, ‘How are you guys getting away with this? Like, aren’t you concerned?’ And he sort of looked at me and he laughed a little bit and said, ‘Plausible deniability.’.Yes, he said it directly to me, one-on-one, in a cabana at the Peninsula Hotel.

……When the New York Post published the outlines of this story, the media raced to find its own plausible deniability, to find some reason, any reason not to report the story. Any reporter who broke rank and decided to state the facts was quickly disciplined and brought to heel. Politico’s Jake Sherman, for example, apologized in public for the crime of discussing the New York Post story after Twitter suspended him for posting it.

Over at CBS News, a kid called Bo Erickson didn’t get the memo on the boundaries of this new journalism, so he tried to get Joe Biden himself to respond to the story. Biden attacked him as a liar and a propagandist. Interestingly, none of Bo Erickson’s colleagues in the news media came to his defense. In fact, several former flacks for Barack Obama mocked him on social media.

Now, we’re being told to pretend that none of this ever happened. In an article published Thursday in The Daily Beast, probably the single worst example of bad journalism on the Internet, we learned that, “evidence of the larger [Hunter Biden] probe was apparent in the markings on a series of documents that were made public — but went largely unnoticed — in the days leading up to the November election.”

One group who did notice were the professional liars in our so-called intelligence community, the ones who work hand-in-glove with so-called journalists in our media. Shortly after the New York Post story ran, a number of these all-star propagandists like Jim Clapper and John Brennan — people who have lied in public under oath and never been punished for it — denounced the New York Post series as Soviet-style disinformation. The stories, they said had all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation. They didn’t explain what that meant, but they didn’t need to. The media class ate it up like the seals they are and clapped and barked in unison.



The Biden Crime Syndicate made millions off the Chinese. The level of corruption involved with their China/Ukraine deals is off the charts.  The Bidens used foreign deals and connections with Ukraine and China to enrich themselves. They laundered money, committed tax evasion, and violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The former Attorney General of the United States, William Barr, was missing in action on all of this. Every Biden involved should be hauled in front of a grand jury.

It’s not just the media that covers for Dem malfeasants, it’s politicians who deliberately ignore, or worse, brush it off as a ‘non-story’.  The Dems will never prosecute of their own, and the GOP doesn’t have the guts.

Nothing will happen because there’s one set of rules for Dems, another set of rules for everyone else.


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