Thanks, Merkel: Muzzie Rapists Rampage Through Germany

From Creeping Sharia:

As reported by the Dutch media source Elsevier, on New Year’s Eve a large number of German women were physically and sexually assaulted in Cologne by a horde of Muslims, possibly numbering over 1,000.

“Dozens of women on New Year’s Eve in Cologne assaulted and robbed by a group of men. At least one woman was raped. It was a completely new dimension of violence, “said the German Police Wolfgang Albers…Dozens of women were surrounded and assaulted, both on the station and on the square in front of Cologne Cathedral…Police in Cologne has set up a special investigation team that will include going to view video from the station. The research focuses on the entire group of 1000 men.”

……Police Chief Wolfgang Albers’s characterization of the event as a new dimension of violence is an understatement. Far beyond criminal in nature, it was a military scale assault in a major German city with a population of over 1 million conducted almost certainly by male North African Muslim “immigrants” [some actually in possession of assylum documents] against non-Muslim women – a class often referred to within immigrant Islamic culture as “fresh meat.”  Of note, such brutality is thoroughly consistent with the Shari’a.

Indicative of the organized nature of the attacks is the fact that these weren’t merely the actions of a wild mob. Instead the violence was optimized with individuals grouping themselves into military type squads or platoons…gangs in the modern lexicon of journalism.

……Additional cities [Stuttgart and Hamburg] are now reporting similar attacks and the number of official police reports is now probably past 100.

According to the German newspaper [ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung , Frankfurt General Newspaper] though criminal activity by young North Africans in the area of the New Years Eve assault, has been common, the level of coordination was a troubling new aspect.


angela merkel muzzie refujihadis


Muzzie refujihadists, rapists, thieves, and assorted other felons have gained access to Germany because this stupid scrunt put out the welcome matNow Germany and the rest of Europe will suffer the consequences. Since the “European Union”  no longer has any borders to speak of, they will infiltrate wherever they please.

France has already learned a hard lesson about muzzie extremism and ‘immigration’.

So has Britain.

The German authorities and media have tried to cover up the crimes because they don’t want to “offend” the muzzie invaders.

The mayor of Cologne, one Henriette Reker, suggests that German women need to adopt a “code of conduct” to avoid getting raped in their own country by muzzie ‘migrants’.   There’s a contingent of brain dead officials, including broads like Reker and Merkel who blame their own citizens for the atrocities committed by the muzzie vermin they allowed in.

As if Germany’s suicidal policies weren’t enough, the authorities are prosecuting anyone who protests the muzzie criminal invasion and also worked out a deal with (*surprise*) Facebook to censor criticism that constitutes “hate speech” in a country that has no equivalent to freedom of speech.

By the way, Angela was born and raised in Communist East Germany and was a good little apparatchik.

If you think this kind of shit can’t or won’t happen in America, just wait and see if Barky gets his wet dream of 10,000 more of these muzzie shitbags into this country. We’ll have to fight the little mutherfuckers in the streets.


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