Thanks to the TSA, We Now Know Insulin is an ‘Explosive’

TSA Confiscates Pregnant Woman’s Insulin

And why would they do that? Because TSA told the woman that it could be an explosive. Oh yes, another addition of the TSA keeping us safe by confiscating a 6-month pregnant, diabetic woman’s insulin who happened to be on her way to a baby shower. Here’s the report from abc15:

A pregnant woman traveling to Phoenix said TSA agents at the Denver International Airport confiscated her insulin before she boarded a flight on Thursday.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, said the agents called her Friday while she was at her own baby shower and apologized for how the situation was handled.

The TSA is not admitting that it took the insulin, though. In a statement sent to ABC15, a spokesperson said, “TSA’s initial review of this incident indicates that our officer did not take the passenger’s medication, only the unfrozen ice pack.”

The passenger said the agent seized the insulin because it could be an explosive.

Agents told the woman next time she goes through Denver’s airport they will personally escort her through security so this doesn’t happen again.

It never occurred to these morons that using common sense would preclude the necessity to escort people through a check point.  I would love to know where that TSA agent got his/her degree in chemistry. Last I checked, insulin does not qualify as an explosive material.  I’m surprised they didn’t perform a Cesarian to see if she was carrying a baby or a bomb in her womb.


And just think, they’re going to be UNIONIZED soon.

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