The 2008 Asshat of the Year Award Goes to…..

The nominee list here:

Among the list of numerous qualified candidates, one in particular, stood out.

Actually, it’s a tie.

This ‘honor’ is shared by the winner and his contingent of moonbats, thugs, and all around reprobates.

This year’s Award goes to:




Those are two pictures you’ll never see on Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” cover.

The resume of attributes which made him and his supporters the front runner for the 2008 Asshat of the Year:

His corrupt Chicago-bred Marxist/Socialist roots with mentors and close friends Saul Alinsky and Frank Marshall Davis

His socialist ‘spread the wealth’ philosophy, which will speed the collapse of the U.S. economy

The endorsement by the Communist Party USA and the Socialist Workers Party

His unrepentant domestic terrorist buddies William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn

His attraction of Islamic radicals including Hamas, The PLO, The Nation of Islam, CAIR, The Arab-American Action Network, and The Muslim Brotherhood

His ‘negotiation without preconditions’ policy towards Islamofascist dictators, terrorists, and nation-states who want us dead

His ACORN henchmen who engaged in widespread voter fraud

His staff of campaign censors and lawyers who ensured no criticism went unthreatened, and that negative comments ‘disappeared’ from his website

For supporting Raila Odinga, a ruthless thug who instigated widespread, deadly violence after losing an election in Kenya

His legion of leftwing media toadies who portrayed him as a messianic savior

Sitting in a pew at rapt attention for 20 years as a rabid ‘Preacher’ railed against ‘whitey’ and Jews

His entourage of unethical politicians and criminal business associates including Rod Blagojevich, Rahm Emanuel, and Tony Rezko
His smearing of the United States military (‘Air-raiding villages and killing civilians’)

His wonderful supporters who vandalized, assaulted, libeled, slandered, and held aloft signs with filthy, degenerate anti-American/anti-military slogans

For all that, and much more to come, he and his myrmidons are bestowed this award for relentless and unremorseful malfeasance.

He might just be nominated next year, too.

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