The Best “I’m an Idiot” Signs From the ‘March For Our Lives’ Rally

Just think, these fucktards are allowed to vote…and breed.

H/T Zerohedge

Says the stupid girl holding the sign.

If only boobs like her were banned.

The trailer park rapper.

No good guys with guns? A school resource officer used a gun to stop a potential school shooter at a high school in St. Mary’s County, Md.  Every day, armed citizens use guns to defend themselves, their homes, their property, their businesses, and their families. Oh, and your anti-gun parade was protected by armed security and cops, shithead.

And then there’s this specimen:

Wearing a dildo around her waist and carrying a sign with penises on it, is just her way of saying “me too”.  And the t-shirt adds to the ensemble.

Nothing says class like having your kid carry a sign like this:


This little girl thinks Harry Potter is real. Think about that.



Wanna bet that not a single one of these ‘troof ta powa’ adolescents could pass a basic civics test?


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