The Biden Regime’s Political Prisoners (UPDATED)

The protesters being held without due process are political prisoners. Their only crime was to demand accountability from the hallowed halls of corruption.

When GOP Representatives tried to visit the prisoners, they were locked out:

A disgusting sight as Congressmen Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, Paul Gosar, and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene were locked out of a federal prison where the January 6 political prisoners of truck drivers and grandmas who took selfies inside the Capitol are being detained.

That’s right, this is Joe Biden’s and the Democrats America where you are a political prisoner, and you’ll do what they tell you to do.

This is unheard of, and our elected officials have every right to view these conditions and report back to the American people.

You can see the video below as they aren’t allowed to view the prisoners condition or visit with them, this my friends is what tyranny looks like and it’s criminal.

Gaetz: This was typical bait and switch, the Supervisor literally ran behind us and locked the doors. SO that we would not have the opportunity to present our identification and seek a review”

Gohmert: “This is a rare time where a prison is used to lock people out.”


American Greatness

In one of the most iconic images of January 6, a man is pictured with his feet up on a desk inside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) office.

Richard Barnett, 60, traveled from his home in Arkansas to hear Donald Trump’s speech then made his way to the Capitol complex. He entered Pelosi’s office, where a few photojournalists just happened to be stationed; Barnett put his feet on the desk, posed for the cameras, and left Pelosi a note. (He is quite a character, I can safely say after a lengthy phone interview.)

Two hours later, the photos went viral. Pelosi’s daughter, Christine, posted the picture of Barnett at 3:21 p.m. that afternoon. “The Trump rioter did vandalize her office,” she tweeted. “The trash will be removed and the seditionists will be prosecuted.”

That incident started a legal and personal nightmare for Barnett, who spent nearly four months behind bars before a federal judge finally released him in April.

By the time Barnett arrived home on January 7, his family already had received death threats and the FBI was at his door. Barnett was arrested January 8; he was indicted January 29 on various trespassing and disorderly conduct charges, including possessing a “dangerous or deadly weapon,” a walking stick that can also be used as a stun gun. (It had no batteries.)

“I was transported to a prison in Oklahoma City for two weeks,” Barnett, who goes by the nickname “Bigo,” told me in a phone interview Tuesday afternoon. “I had never been to prison before, it was my first experience. I thought how awesome it was that even though you’re in prison, you’re treated with respect and everyone follows the rules.”

But Barnett’s inaugural experience in America’s prison system quickly soured after he was transported to the nation’s capital. Like dozens of people charged with offenses related to the Capitol building protest, Barnett was ordered to remain behind bars in a D.C. jail with no chance to make bail even though he has no criminal record and faces no violent charges.

Joe Biden’s Justice Department, nonetheless, is seeking pretrial detention orders for many Capitol Hill protestors; in some cases, prosecutors argue the defendants pose a threat to society because they doubt the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

This has led to the creation of a Shawshank of sorts for January 6 detainees. The government, according to Barnett, opened up a shuttered jail facility specifically to house January 6 detainees. The accused are in restrictive housing, ostensibly to protect them from the jail system’s general population—but the conditions are anything but special.

Detainees are held in solitary confinement conditions for 23 hours a day. Breakfast, Barnett said, arrives at 3:30 in the morning and is inedible “slop.” Dinner usually consists of bologna.

During their one hour of free time each day, detainees must attend to all personal business including hygiene such as a shower. The men don’t have access to shaving gear or haircuts. “The barbershop is closed. The best we could do was use a toenail clipper they gave us.”

Most detainees, however, spend the hour on the phone with family. “They are worried about their family, about their finances.” Barnett, a former firefighter and bull rider, said he counseled the younger inmates whenever he could. “Nothing fazes me but these men are worried about losing their homes and this was three months ago. Many of them are young and have never been in jail before. I prayed with them when I could, tried to talk them through it.”

The guards, Barnett said, go out of their way to make life harder for the detainees. “It is purposeful and deliberate collusion, to make every facet of your existence miserable,” Barnett said. This includes instances of physical abuse; guards slammed Barnett’s face into the concrete floor at one point. After confronting the guards for not following prison rules—Barnett read the Department of Corrections inmate handbook when he arrived—and accusing one guard of sexual harassment, Barnett was placed in the D.C. prison’s general population as punishment.

Another detainee, Barnett recounted, was attacked in his cell in the middle of the night, handcuffed and beaten “senseless,” Barnett said. He suffered extensive injuries. “They damn near killed him.” Another young man with evident emotional issues was heavily maced by guards one night when he had some type of breakdown. “I shouted at them to leave him alone.”

Religious services are not allowed so Barnett and a few others organized a Sunday morning service. The guards, Barnett said, were “nasty and insulting” about their attempts to practice their religion. “We couldn’t even talk about God.” There is “no doubt” in Barnett’s mind that the January 6 detainees are treated differently because of their political views.


On the other hand, Antifa/BLM goons responsible for murder and the destruction of entire neighborhood businesses, police stations, and courthouses, have skated out of legal consequences for their crimes. The Feds refuse to prosecute.

The Dems have created a system of bullying and persecution of political opponents. This shit usually happens in Communist countries and Banana Republics.

Now it’s happening here.

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