The Chocolate Jesus Bombs in Europe

His Euro vacay fell flat.

Obama’s honeymoon with the world is over.

What was it, exactly, about Obama’s controversy-marred trip to Germany and the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland that fell so flat? Ummm, how about … everything?

There were the snarky words from Vladimir Putin, who expressed an almost Soviet-esque distance from Washington in his views about Syria. “Of course our opinions do not coincide,” the Russian leader said bluntly. There was the coded warning from Chancellor Angela Merkel about spying on friends, and her and Obama’s continuing frostiness over the issue of economic stimulus versus austerity.

……Not only is the honeymoon long over, folks. The marriage is becoming deeply troubled and, increasingly, loveless.

The NSA overreach was not lost on German Chancellor Andrea Merkel, who admonished Obama:

“I made clear that although we do see the need for gathering information, the topic of proportionality is always an important one and the free democratic order is based on people feeling safe,” Merkel said.

When The Anointed One campaigned in Berlin in 2008, the crowd numbered about 200,000:

Fast forward to 2013:

After Fast and Furious, Benghazi, illegal activities and misconduct in the State Department, Obama’s leaking of classified information about the SEAL mission to get Bin Laden, the NSA’s surveillance scandal, the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups, not to mention that this ‘sort of god’ failed to deliver on all the miracles he promised, the once adoring fans are no where to be found:

Obama spoke in front only about 5,000-6,000 spectators, all of them invited guests.

As a matter of fact, the Tea Party rallies in Washington today outnumbered Obama’ s audience by several thousand.  The dismal turnout was second only to his lackluster speech, which according to Chris “Tingles” Matthews, was ruined because of the sun’s glare on the TOTUS.

Some observations from the posts on the Atlantic Wire:
Wednesday, June 19 2013 4:50 PM
4000 people were in the park today picnicking when this jerk showed up and started making a speech. Can’t even enjoy a nice lunch any more.

Wednesday, June 19 2013 4:36 PM
The 4,500 were his entourage.

Wednesday, June 19 2013 4:04 PM
Give people a few more years of this solipsistic, shallow verbose inept man – and you will find him looking into a mirror to gain an audience. With unemployment, the world on fire and a few other life threatening conditions for Americans – the sleeping tiger is about to wake up in full force. 2014 is going to be the beginning…. that’s when the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the U.S. will start in full force. Got your health insurance yet? Got the pricing you will pay? Will there be an oil crisis with Iran, Russia and Syria coming together? Obama will still be standing at the Brandenburg Gate – giving speeches.

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