The CIA is Now Another Weaponized Domestic Spying Agency

Last I checked the Central Intelligence Agency was supposed to focus on foreign threats.  Not anymore. The spooks have turned their surveillance weapons against American citizens.


……This morning, it is Zero Hedge that has again been singled out for pursuing non-establishment groupthink.

Echoing a false allegation we have repeatedly heard before, early on Tuesday the Associated Press (of “how Associated Press cooperated with the Nazis” fame) writes that “U.S. intelligence officials on Tuesday accused a conservative financial news website with a significant American readership of amplifying Kremlin propaganda and alleged five media outlets targeting Ukrainians have taken direction from Russian spies. The officials said Zero Hedge, which has 1.2 million Twitter followers, published articles created by Moscow-controlled media that were then shared by outlets and people unaware of their nexus to Russian intelligence.”

Well, now we’ve done it – we’ve angered the CIA, and for what? For publishing views that challenge the conventional narrative, such as disputing that an invasion of Ukraine is actually “imminent” as the US State Department and its mainstream media conduits repeat day after day, or that the Covid virus was actually created in a Chinese lab, a view which has gained substantial prominence in recent months after it emerged that none other than the UK’s Jeremy Farrar (also known as the UK’s Doctor Fauci) played a pivotal role in stifling suggestions that this new virus might have come from a laboratory rather than emerged through natural zoonotic transmission from animals.

Of course, there is no actual accusation that Zero Hedge works directly with anyone tied to Russia or its intelligence apparatus – as the AP admits “officials did not say whether they thought Zero Hedge knew of any links to spy agencies and did not allege direct links between the website and Russia”, which is correct because – and we will repeat this once again for the record and for all future similar hit piece attempts to smear us –  this website has never worked, collaborated or cooperated with Russianor are there any links to spy (or any other) agencies; instead all the AP notes, citing some unnamed “intelligence official”, is that the US intelligence apparatus is unhappy that among our hundreds of guest publishing contributors is a website called Strategic Culture Foundation which US intel officials “allege” take direction from the SVR, the Russian foreign intelligence service.

Well, is the Strategic Culture Foundation – which periodically guest posts on this website along with hundreds of other sources of alternative information – taking direction from Russian intel?

Perhaps. We don’t know. What we do know is that Alastair Crooke, one of the most prolific writers on SCF website is a former high ranking MI6 figure and UK diplomat, i.e., a former British spook. Perhaps he is now a double agent working for Putin after spending decades spying for the UK?

We don’t know, and we don’t care: instead what we have cared about since our first day, is to provide a platform, a voice to anyone who has a unique, a different, perspective from the one pushed by the mainstream media. The same mainstream media which we and everyone else now knows for a fact takes direction from both the US intelligence service in particular (see herehere and here) and the US government in general, or the “deep state” as some call it.

We also know that the unnamed US intel officials apparently found nothing wrong that we also frequently guest post articles from the Gatestone Institute, a website that consistently pursues a neo-con angle in its analysis and reporting.

……What is remarkable is that in its bizarre hit piece attempt to silence us, the “deep state” has pulled out the same trite and discredited Russiagate conspiracy theory whose popularity crashed and burned long ago, yet which paradoxically still makes an appearance now and then in hopes of appeasing its few remaining “lowest-common denominator” readers…..

……So why pull out the same old discredited “Russiagate” narrative now? Well, it may have nothing to do with our alleged ties to Russia, and everything to do with our views of the current dismal US economic situation which few dare to criticize due to the MSM’s infamous liberal bias, something the AP also notes, and this time accurately:

“Zero Hedge has been sharply critical of Biden and posted stories about allegations of wrongdoing by his son Hunter.While perhaps best known for its coverage of markets and finance, the website also covers politics with a conservative bent.”

In 2015, inventor and software designer Dennis Montgomery, who created “The Hammer” software to spy on foreign terror threats, blew the whistle on the CIA and revealed that the spy agency had turned the surveillance weapon against American citizens.  The CIA and the NSA are prohibited from investigating Americans, but they operate outside the law with impunity.

Like Hillary’s minions, they collected information on President Trump.



On Friday, Special Counsel John Durham filed a motion relating to a defense firm’s potential conflict of interest in the Michael Sussmann case. The conflict itself is certainly intriguing, with Sussmann’s lawyers at Latham & Watkins LLP (Latham) having represented potential witnesses in the case, including Perkins Coie, former Perkins Coie (and Clinton Campaign general counsel) Marc Elias, the Hillary Clinton Campaign, and Hillary for America.

The issue that made more noise, however, was Durham’s disclosure that Rodney Joffe – a contractor with deep ties to the Clintons, and what appears to be a deep hatred for Trump – had exploited Executive Office of the President of the United States data he obtained from a “sensitive arrangement” with the U.S. Government to damage President Trump. Here is our initial post on the topic.

And here is the talented Lee Smith providing a great explanation on Tucker:

Yet the data from the Executive Office of the President wasn’t all that Joffe had obtained. He also collected domain name system (DNS) internet traffic pertaining to a healthcare provider; Trump Tower; and Trump’s Central Park West apartment building.


……According to Durham, Joffe and his associates manipulated that data to make it seem like Trump, and those in Trump’s world, had suspicious interactions with internet protocol (IP) addresses affiliated with a Russian mobile phone provider. They then combined those allegations with the Alfa Bank hoax materials (the subject of Sussmann’s Fall 2016 meeting with then-FBI General Counsel James Baker).

This damaging information, purporting to demonstrate at least circumstantial evidence of Trump/Russia collusion, was presented on February 9, 2017 to what Durham describes as U.S. Government “Agency-2.”

That agency was the CIA. We know for sure that Sussmann met with the CIA General Counsel. We learned in January 2022 that, if Sussmann is to be believed, there were two other CIA employees at that meeting.

In other words, a Clinton supporting contractor (Joffe) obtained sensitive information (perhaps unlawfully) about the Office of the President of the United States (Trump), manipulated the information, passed it to a DNC/Clinton lawyer (Sussmann), who then delivered it to the CIA.

All on American soil.


Obama’s weaponized intel agencies also illegally spied on the Trump campaign.  One of Obama’s last acts of malfeasance was to give the NSA increased power to do want it wants with the information it collects on American citizens.   Obama’s abuse of power was unprecedented. He used intelligence agencies to target political opponents.  When Sharyl Attkisson and James Rosen published damaging information about Benghazi and Fast and Furious, he had their emails, computers, and phones hacked.

The NSA has been collecting intelligence on American citizens for years.  Big Tech—including Google, Microsoft, and Facebook–have helped the agency with its domestic spying programs.

In 2013, then director of national intelligence James Clapper, lied his ass off under oath when he testified that the agencies did not engage in mass surveillance.   He never faced any punishment for perjury or the abuse of power.

In 2012, during testimony before a House hearing on surveillance issues, LTG Alexander denied that the NSA engaged in intercepting the phone and internet records of Americans.

And just recently, The NSA used its assets against Tucker Carlson.

The FBI has a secret database that ‘flags’ conservatives. It also purchased a spyware program called Pegasus:


But first, we turn our attention to a chilling story surrounding an Israeli technology firm. This firm is named NSO Group, and its powerful spyware tool called Pegasus. Now, according to reports, Pegasus might be the single most powerful and controversial spyware ever developed.
Now, once it has access to your phone, Pegasus can allegedly copy your messages and your photos, track your location, record your conversations through the microphone, even when you are not using your phone, and get this: it can even film you secretly through your own phone’s camera. That’s how sophisticated this is.
“The New York Times” recently detailed the intensifying scrutiny over the technology after evidence that, quote, authoritarian governments are using NSO products to spy on political opponents. But according to ABC, this technology is frequently used abroad to hack journalists and dissidents and human rights activists.
And here’s what’s happening in Israel right now, the Israeli government is now investigating — this is a huge controversy in Israel — claims that the spyware was being used by the police against specific Israeli citizens, specifically key witnesses in the corruption trial of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Look at your screen. Some are even claiming that multiple witnesses were actually because of the spying are being blackmailed into testifying against former Prime Minister Netanyahu because of data harvested from their phones using this spyware. Oh, see all this information we have, say what we want in court and guess what, it will never see the light of day.
That is a massive scandal unfolding in Israel and here’s my prediction — buckle up, it’s not a matter of if but it’s a matter of when. Spying scandals just like this will emerge in this country. Now, here’s where the story hits close to home, even though the NSO Group has been blacklisted by the U.S. Commerce Department, can you guess who might have purchased the license to use this in 2019? Yep, Chris Wray’s FBI.
In a statement, the bureau claims that it paid five million dollars for a limited license from the NSO Group for product testing and evaluation only. Then the FBI reportedly renewed the contract for another four million dollars.
Cyber security experts are now sounding the alarm about what they are calling a troubling and irresponsible move from the highest levels of the federal government, the same FBI leadership that never held their own top brass to this day accountable for the biggest corruption, abuse of power scandal ever when they use that dirty Russian disinformation dossier that Hillary Clinton bought and paid for to spy on Donald Trump the candidate, the transition team of Donald Trump and President Donald Trump.
Now, the only difference is they won’t need to lie to the FISA court to spy. This is extremely chilling, especially because Director Wray never held these people accountable, never cleaned up his bureau of the one percent. I have my FBI pen still right there, representing the 99 percent of good people that will risk their lives and obey the laws, and not abuse power.


Every one of those intelligence agencies have violated the Intelligence Oversight Act, the 4th Amendment, and other federal laws forbidding the widespread arbitrary surveillance of American citizens.

Where’s the DOJ on this? Oh, that’s right. They’re targeting American citizens as well.

It doesn’t do any good to swear them in before testimony. The oath has no meaning and the consequences have no teeth.

The Dems don’t mind because the agencies are working for them and the GOP doesn’t have the balls to do anything about it.



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