The Consequences of Islam and ‘Multiculturalism’ in Sweden

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The police released a report noting that Sweden is at the top of the EU’s statistics on physical and sexual violence against women, sexual harassment and stalking. The report stated unequivocally that it is “asylum-seeker boys” and “foreign men” who commit the vast majority of the reported crimes.

•As far as the widespread sexual assaults at public pools are concerned, the police said that in four out of five cases, the perpetrators have been “unaccompanied refugee children”.
•A survey by the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) suggested that as many as 38,000 women in Sweden may have been subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM). Yet health care services rarely help women with the complications associated with FGM.
•A Swedish father was told that he and his two children are being thrown out of the house they are renting from the municipality — to make room for an immigrant family.

……Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan came to the defense of Sweden’s Muslim Minister of Housing Mehmet Kaplan, who was forced to resign after his connections to Islamists and neo-Fascists were revealed, as was his defamatory comparison of Israel to Nazi Germany. According to Erdogan, however, the forced resignation of Kaplan was symptomatic for how Muslims are treated in the West: “Just look at what Sweden has done to a Muslim who reached a position in Cabinet,” Erdogan indignantly said.

It is now up to Sweden’s Supreme Court to decide if an Algerian, Karim Ageri, should be deported from Sweden after knifing a 16-year-old girl because she refused to have sex with him. November 10, 2015, two teenage Swedish girls visited an asylum house for “unaccompanied refugee children” in the Stockholm metropolitan area. Karim Ageri, who claimed to be 16 years old, groped one of the girls, who climbed out a window to get away from him. Ageri then followed her, and slashed her face twice with a knife. The prosecutor in the case argued that Ageri is at least 21 years old, and should therefore be tried as an adult and, after serving his sentence, deported. However, the Municipal Court did not agree, and sentenced the Algerian to juvenile detention. The Court of Appeals increased the sentence to 18 months in prison, followed by deportation. Prosecutor My Hedström says she is now looking forward to having the case tried by the Supreme Court, to get a precedent on how “refugee children” who commit serious crimes should be handled legally.

The National Board of Health and Welfare reported that the large number of asylum seekers who arrived in Sweden in 2015 has put a huge strain on Swedish healthcare services, especially primary care, dental care and psychiatry. Language barriers, combined with a shortage of interpreters, exacerbates the problem. Many asylum seekers have bad teeth, and 20-30% are thought to have psychiatric problems. Increased pressure on the health service has led to a shortage of hospital beds, limited availability and longer waits.

Five “unaccompanied refugee children” suspected of gross sexual coercion were apprehended, and remanded into custody. The suspects, who claim to be in their mid-teens, allegedly assaulted a young man at the asylum house where all of them were staying. The crime was initially classified as rape, but later changed to gross sexual coercion, aggravated assault and unlawful threats.

Khalid Salim Tarabeih, 20, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for child rape. According to the indictment, Tarabeih promised to buy alcohol for a 14-year-old girl, but once they were alone in a wooded area, he demanded sex in return. He told the girl he had served time for violent crimes, which scared her to the point of not daring to resist him as he raped her. Since Tarabeih is a Swedish citizen, he cannot be deported.

The Swedish media almost never reports on the violence and misogyny in immigrant-heavy areas of Sweden, but the Norwegian television channel NRK aired a story on the infamous Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby, and showed how their own reporters had been attacked there. In the segment, a police officer talked about how the police are losing control of the Swedish “no-go zones,” a point that was proven by Norwegian journalists being attacked and subjected to stone throwing.

An Iraqi citizen, Hosar Mahmood, 22, has once again been convicted of rape — this time of a hospitalized woman. In 2013, he broke into an apartment, severely beat its owner, and then raped his teenage daughter. That time, Mahmood was sentenced to four years in prison for aggravated rape — but was freed after serving two-thirds of the time, as is the legal practice in Sweden. This time, the sentence was more lenient — two years and two months. He will not be deported because, the court said, he was granted permanent residency status prior to the age of 15.

……A mother of three from the village of Höör opened up her home to two “unaccompanied refugee children”, and let them move into her 10-year-old daughter’s room. One of the men, Isak Andai from Eritrea, who claims he is 15 years old, then snuck into the daughter’s bed one night and started molesting her. Andai, who is believed to be significantly older than 15, was sentenced to juvenile detention and will not be deported.

……One of the many “unaccompanied refugee children” who have lately amused themselves by sexually attacking others at public swimming pools, was found guilty of sexually molesting three girls, aged 8-10, at a pool in Överkalix. The man, who claims he is 16 years old, was sentenced to 35 hours of community service and 16,000 kronor (about $1,800) in damages.

……Green Party representative Yasri Khan, now known for refusing to shake a female television reporter’s hand, turned out to have close connections to the Islamic terror group Pulo in Thailand. Khan’s father, Samsudine Khan, also a resident of Sweden, is vice chairman for the group, which has carried out bombings and shootings against civilians and other targets deemed “legitimate.” After 13 people were killed by a bomb in March 2013, Yasri Khan commented on the deed in the Bangkok Post. He warned that the violence would continue unless the government solved the “root problems” that have created the separatist movements.

……Osbecksgymnasiet high school in Laholm was forced to hire extra staff to protect female students from daily inappropriate sexual advances. In a letter to the school, the girls’ parents wrote that “there is catcalling, shouting and screaming in other languages, and photographs being stealthily taken.”

Bottom line: When you put out the welcome mat for  uncivilized brutal animals, you can expect this to happen.  Now that Europe is being overrun, expect more.



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