The COVIDIOCY Hysteria Has Come to This (UPDATED)

Panic-induced hysteria makes stupid people even more stupid:

A German cafe gave people pool noodles to wear:



Brian Stelter, CNN’s melodramatic Soy Boy, says he crawled into bed and cried.

A “reporter” at CNN declares that COVID came from deforestation.

“Scientists” say the virus can be passed through “aerosolized feces” and farts.

As if the ‘social distancing’ shit wasn’t stupid enough, it’s apparently a cause for murder.

A doctor in Kentucky got a case of the stupids and choked a teenage girl for ‘not adhering to social distance’.  Just call the cops on the kid. They’ll drag her off to the gulag.

A brain dead media tool asked President Trump, “Why aren’t you shutting down the grocery stores?”

CBS was caught posting a fraudulent video of an ICU nurse sobbing over ‘poor working conditions’

Louisville authorities actually ordered patients and a family member to isolate and wear tracking devices after health officials learned they’d been in public “against medical advice.”

Hospitals are listing COVID as a cause of death, without testing.  Gotta push those numbers.

The San Diego cops bragged about citing people for sitting in their cars at the beach.

NYC paramedics are told not to bring cardiac arrest victims to ER.

Pennsylvania State cops issued a ticket to a woman for “going for a drive”.

Dr. Anthony Fauci thinks that having depression-level unemployment during the COVIDIOCY panic is just “inconvenient”.

Delaware cops authorized to pull over out-of-state drivers.

Leftie black activist Seattle police chief threatens to arrest anyone accused of “racism”. I’m guessing that doesn’t cover anyone getting called “whitey” or “cracker”. She needs to be acquainted with the 1st Amendment.

Pushing hysteria through propaganda. Instead of being level-headed and informative, the media prefers hyperbole. God knows there are enough simple-minded people that believe that shit.

I haven’t watched national or local news for at least a month. I’ll leave that to the hysterical sheeple who think that bullshit is believable.

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