The Dems’ Political Purge of America



Tucker Carlson

……In fact, as of tonight, it’s not just Trump who is the target of this. It’s Trump’s voters. The Biden administration is in the process of preparing yet another law enforcement dragnet of more than a thousand nonviolent January 6 protesters. These are not people who broke windows or tussled with cops. These are patriotic Americans who questioned, who dared to question, the official story of the 2020 election. They watched with the rest of us as COVID was used as a pretext to eliminate long-standing barriers to voter fraud.

They saw a democratic partisan Mark Zuckerberg spent nearly half a billion dollars to influence the mechanics of voting, including in critical swing states. Nevertheless, as they watched the news on the night of November 3, Trump seemed to be winning reelection and then they woke up and smug TV anchors are telling them that actually a senile man who refused to campaign had won the biggest landslide in American history. He got 15 million more votes than Barack Obama. They were skeptical. They did not buy that. So, they went to Washington to protest.

They thought that was their right and as a result, January 6. That was more than two years ago. What did these people look like? Well, one of them was Jacob Chansley. We played a video of him several weeks ago. They told you he was a terrorist. Here’s what he was actually doing inside the Capitol.

Here’s a video of Chansley in the Senate chamber. Capitol police officers take him to multiple entrances and even try to open locked doors for him. We counted at least nine officers who were within touching distance of unarmed Jacob Chansley. Not one of them even tried to slow him down. Chansley understood that Capitol Police were his allies. Video shows him giving thanks for them in a prayer on the floor of the Senate.

That’s what Jacob Chansley actually did. There were people on January 6 who committed violence. They have been arrested. Jacob Chansley did not commit violence. By the way, he was arrested. He’s spending four years in prison. A thousand people have already been arrested for that and most of them did what Jacob Chansley did. They walk through what we used to call the People’s House, and some of them are still in prison tonight. So, you assumed that ugly story was over, at least the law enforcement component of it, but no, it’s not over. It’s just getting started.

The Biden administration has identified a thousand additional Trump voters for non-crimes that they claim took place on January 6, mostly walking as Jacob Chansley did. In recent months, according to a story in The Washington Post, U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves, a willing tool of the Biden administration, has written to court officials “alerting them that an additional 700 to 1,200 people may be charged stemming from January 6.” How many is that? Well, this will constitute the largest investigation in the history of the Department of Justice by an order of magnitude. This dragnet is so vast that prosecutors are warning D.C. jails and prisons will be overrun with prisoners, prisoners you can at this point only describe as political prisoners.

The Washington Post reports that “In recent months, law enforcement and judicial authorities have engaged in discussions to manage this huge volume of January 6 cases without overwhelming the courthouse where pleas and trials are held.” This is depraved and it’s malicious. Keep in mind, it was just two weeks ago that we got thousands of hours of surveillance footage from January 6, footage the government and the committee had hidden from the public and in some cases from these defendants in the prosecutions. They did this on security grounds. Those grounds were bogus. We proved that. The footage, when we saw it, proved the government had been lying about what happened inside the building on January 6 and as we just showed you, they lied about Jacob Chansley, the so-called QAnon shaman. He was not the only one, but in the tape that we showed you just a second ago and two weeks ago, Chansley is seen walking around the inside of the Capitol with the police escort. Police led him to the Senate chamber. Now, you are not allowed to see that footage because it painted a very different picture from the myth they had been force feeding you on television for two years.

Chansley’s lawyers didn’t see it, it turned out. The judge who sentenced Chansley to a life destroying term in prison was not able to see it. So, all that anybody knew was that Chansley had committed some sort of act of terrorism. They did not know the truth. Now that we do know, however, it’s pretty stunning that they’re trying to arrest up to 1,200 more people. Now, whatever you think of Jacob Chansley or Donald Trump, if you cared about civil liberties, you would be outraged by this. This is as grave a constitutional violation as you can have. In this country, the prosecution has to, for constitutional and moral reasons, turnover exculpatory evidence to the defense. That did not happen. This is wrong. This man is rotting in prison. His life has ended for a crime he did not commit and that he was not allowed to fairly defend himself against, but liberals didn’t care. They no longer seem to have any interest in justice or civil rights. Just today, the MSNBC Morning Show was continuing to lie about Jacob Chansley telling its viewers that he is a terrorist who does not deserve rights.

……It has implications for you if they’ll endorse the unjust destruction of one man. They have no limits. They will do anything and now, with these impending arrests, they’re showing you what they will do. So, if you support the wrong presidential candidate, you get arrested and don’t get to see exculpatory evidence in your trial. Apparently, those are the rules, but if you do vote the right way, you get paid.


The Dems have created a system of bullying and persecution of political opponents. This shit usually happens in Communist countries and Banana Republics. It’s happening in America.

Political dissidents are literally being rounded up and their homes are being raided by weaponized jackboots who trample all over the 4th and 1st Amendments.

The Jan 6 political prisoners are being held in Biden’s gulag without due process.

Trump administration trade advisers are ambushed and arrested at airports because they resist a subpoena from a bogus ‘committee’.

American citizens who question election integrity and government abuse of power are “domestic terrorists“.

The Central Intelligence Agency was supposed to focus on foreign threats.  Not anymore. The spooks have turned their surveillance weapons against American citizens.

Government agencies have been politized and weaponized against American citizens who stand up to the tyranny of the Dem ruling class.

Where’s the GOP?

They’ve been holding hearings on the weaponization of government agencies against American citizens, but nothing has materialized in the way of real justice.

The FBI and the DOJ need to be dismantled from the top down. The criminal malfeasants in both agencies should be indicted and prosecuted. We know that won’t happen because agencies weaponized by Dem regimes trample all over the Constitution while Congress does nothing.

Until Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray are impeached and subsequently indicted, all the hot air and indignation during oversight hearings are a dog and pony show.


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